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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ridir, Oct 27, 2015.

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      For as long as I can remember, I've heard this high-pitched, internal, static noise. Up until this year, I only ever heard it in complete silence, so it didn't bother me, I wasn't even sure whether it was tinnitus or simply blood flow in my ear or something else minuscule. Starting this spring however, the noise has become increasingly more annoying and as I'm typing this, it's borderline not bareable.
      I've always been really careful not to expose my ears to too loud noise, as I'm really interested in music, and the thought of not being able to hear it as I used to is daunting.
      I visited a concert this summer, and wore earplugs while I was there, but was unable to during one 30 min show. I was covering one ear at the time, and the following day, I noticed a new resonating sound, different from the other, in the ear I hadn't covered.
      I've had troubles with eczema surrounding my ears for the last two years, and have been struggling with depression during the time this all went down, which is what I see as the most logical explanation to its sudden boom. This being said, the past months have been a lot more comfortable and less stressful, and yet my tinnitus has worsened, which makes me really concerned and frightened.
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      there is probably a feedback loop going on, where noticing the noise and having an aversive reaction to it can actually increase the perceived volume, because the nervous system is basically a giant filter that's trying to emphasize things that are important and discard other things.

      It's possible that you picked up some small amount of hearing damage from your concert, but it's also possible that's a red herring.

      Depressive states are linked to abnormal serotonin function, and so is tinnitus. If you can find a way to take care of yourself and practice self-compassion, your tinnitus will probably become less of an issue.

      Most people that I know are able to perceive some kind of internal sound in perfect silence, often high pitched -- at any given moment, your nervous system is generating 100 times as much data as your consciousness is able to process.

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