Going Back to University or Other Tertiary Institution

Discussion in 'Support' started by squeek, Jun 9, 2016.

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      One of the difficult facts of life is that when you are applying for work is that no matter how skilled or brilliant you are in your field, the first filter employers use is certifications. Going back to university (or any educational institution) is a big ask for someone with severe tinnitus.

      I want to know if universities (even online), etc allow students to be tested at their own availability. I'm fearful of going to an examination or being tested while having a tinnitus spike.

      Also, are there strict timelines for handing in assignments?
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      If you have declaired you have a disability affecting your progress and testing or course work you will get the support you need at uni....lots of love glynis

      Both my son's went to uni and both have epilepsy and one hearing problems as had to have ear bones removed......go for it and good luck .....
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      There are many members here who have posted about their T while in college/university. In general, during the initial T struggle, studies may present a challenge due to the inability to focus on most things. But this seem to pass and these folks were able to resume their studies, some even going on medical school or completed their degree. So don't overthink too much at this stage. It may not be all bad, as university life can perhaps distract the mind from paying attention to T. I agree with Glynis. Go for it.

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