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Discussion in 'Support' started by arctic loon, Mar 21, 2016.

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      So it's been a long time since I visited this forum for many reasons. I've had ups and downs, but everything has been pretty okay for a while. Then, of course when you are feeling good and don't bother to give attention to the sound something goes wrong and you start worrying again.

      So I visited my sister about a week ago. I got home, woke up the day after my ears were acting weird. It's hard to explain but when you burp silently (as you don't force the air from your pipe and it comes naturally idk if this makes any sense) or get a hiccup my other ear makes this whump sound. I don't know what could've caused it, my best guess is sitting in the bus for couple of hours the day before when I was coming back home. Couple days ago my other ear started fluttering as hell but it has calmed down. Tinnitus is also going all over the place and there's some pain too in the ear, but only sometimes. I did try valsalva and the eardrums popped normally so there shouldn't be a rupture?? This could be also partially because my neck and jaw muscles are so strained. I don't know.

      I managed to get appointment for next wednesday last week when I realized this might not go away on it's own. I get the worst anxiety when I have to go to a hospital especially if I need to go there because of my ear issues, which was probably a reason why I couldn't get myself to get the appointment earlier. And I feel like I probably should've done that a lot earlier, and rather than getting the doctor I had last time just get some other doctor to check my ears. But I finally found a doctor who actually seemed to care and wanted to help me rather than push me out of the office as soon as possible (he even told me to come again if I felt like it so that's a miracle) I was trying to let this settle on it's own and not worry about it. But now I do worry about it a lot and I'm just wishing wednesday comes soon so I can get over with this. My anxiety has gotten that bad again I probably need to see my psychiatrist some day soon.

      We are supposed to go visit one university tomorrow and I know it will be lots of sitting in a bus and noisy places. I'm already a mess and I fear everything will be worse if I go there. Then it is mandatory and I don't want to tell my teachers about my issues so I should probably come up with a shitty excuse which they wouldn't buy that eagerly. What should I do? If I'm wearing some plugs in the bus etc. would it be okay? Sorry for this long post, I have a lot of stuff on my mind.

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