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      Hey all. My wife and I traveled to the island of St Croix every year for about 2 months to help out her mother that's elderly. About 2 years ago she passed away, and we stopped going the year after that.

      In the mean time I developed tinnitus and have a very hard time habituating.

      We went back to St Croix in the last 2 months to check up on the house we inherited. We stayed for 2 months again to fix some problems and work with our house sitters there.

      The evenings in St Croix are pretty loud. Tons of insects and frogs make a huge jungle type noise around our house. This has made my evenings quite enjoyable, because I can barely hear my tinnitus over it. One insect especially, which i hated before, seems to drown out my tinnitus. This often continued through the day, with my tinnitus being much lower overall, although with the occasional multi-day spikes.

      Being back home, in a very quiet suburb of amsterdam, im again surrounded by silence and screaming tinnitus. It feels weird drowning your house in jungle sounds, but im starting to lean towards it :)
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      Just googled St Croix and I gotta be honest that place looks awesome! Must definitely be quite a change coming back to Amsterdam (Where I'm hoping to visit one day) I have the same kind of thing in australia, alot of wildlife around my home and bugs. So I'm very fortunate with that aspect :) Also use to hate crickets, now they calm me like the sound of rain.
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      I hope you a speedy habituation or reason to go back to paradise islands ;) Good luck :)
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      Stress I think
      I sleep with ocean wave sounds on my iPad at the side of bed but when my T is more bothersome I put my on jungle or cricket sounds and it does the trick !

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