Hearing Loss in the Higher Frequencies 8 kHz - 20 kHz... Same Damage Criteria (85 dB for 8 Hours)?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keiv, Aug 25, 2015.

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      I am just wondering for people with hearing loss in the higher frequency 8khz-20khz, do we still use the same damage criteria 85 db for 8 hours? Basically what I am asking is if you have like hearing loss at 8khz and above (mild, moderate, severe, or even deaf at the highest frequency eg. 18khz) do you need to wear earplugs in everyday environment such as driving, walking in traffic, eating in restaurant, grocery shopping, working in an office etc. are these sounds damaging to the ear with hearing loss above 8khz-20khz because the ear is "more weakened and susceptible to noise at lowered intensity?" or is it still the same damage criteria 85 db for 8 hour

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