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      bonjour I am french and my English is not so good, so excuse the spelling mistakes:( I lived a year in england and this is why I can write ant talk a bit of English
      Suffering from tinnitus since 12 years (car injury and severe head trauma+++ :banghead:) I lost my right audition totally ( trauma ++++ in middle ear )
      Since 4 months appeared new tinnitus very strong and I start losing my audition left ear:cry: slowly but surely
      I was told I have Ménière desease 2 months ago
      I have tinnitus for this very disabling Meniere's disease, I can not sleep, I have a fridge noise in the head:banhappy:, it's horrible. I will see in 15 days a teacher specialist university for ears and this is to see if I can benefit from a cochlear implant right. because my hearing left continues to decline, I am worried. they must actually test if my auditory nerve works and if ok I will be operated
      I tried everything for tinnitus and I see that France and the United States seem have the same treatment for Meniere's and not much :confused:
      I am a nursing teacher and with deafness that installs it becomes more and more difficult to hear my students and I m tired because I don't sleep:sleep:,
      I am 57 years old, I like camping, police books and cook with a good glass of wine (I know it seems that tinnitus does not like alcohol) but a good Bordeaux is different.:wacky:
      lysa from France
    2. Marlene

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      July 1996
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      Bacterial virus
      Hi Lysa,I'm from across the English Channel,my another one who's had it a long time,think your English is good,you've explained the problems your having very well.Super advice on this site,and oh so friendly as you will find.Warm wishes Lysa
    3. Ricky81

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      July 14, 2014
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      Assault/Contusion/Ear Infection
      I can relate to you. I was hit all over my head and ears by 2 guys and after 50 days I have T in both ears.
      I can't sleep. White noise and rainfall music helps but nothing like before.
      Take care. Let us know how you are doing now?

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