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      I went to an audiologist last week due to increasing tinnitus and noticeable hearing loss over the past few months. Ears clean, hearing still in normal range but definitely on the low end, I've had to ask family members to repeat what they said sometimes more than once.

      While I've always had occasional bursts of ringing ears (lasts a few seconds) and a fairly constant deep "engine noise" in my head, especially at night which I've become used to, I noticed tinnitus when I started taking Wellbutrin last December. I discontinued that after a few months due to other side effects, ended up on lithium this past March, switched to Lamotrigine in July. Tinnitus getting steadily worse and distracting, especially at night, when I lay there with the high-pitched ringing accompanied by the low roar in the middle. Nice.

      Anyway, the audiologist said it would probably never go away. So here I am, now part of the tinnitus club.
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      Acoustic Trauma
      Your audiologist knows nothing about tinnitus. It goes away for many people.

      Check out the thread below where I summarize everything (24 tips spread over three posts) I learned about managing tinnitus after reading the posts on this forum for the past 11 months
      Specifically, see the first point there. It links to a thread linking to studies about prognosis for tinnitus patients.
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      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. Have you tried sound enrichment at night? Perhaps use a sound machine, sound pillow, or masking sounds from PC with speakers.

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