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      Hi all, its difficult to write an introduction so I will be short, My name is Ayoub and I got tinnitus (right ear with complete hearing loss) at the age of 14 after a mumps infection, my ent at that time didnt bother to explain (or didnt know) what I had to me or my family and said "its all over my head", tinnitus is nearly not known in my circle so it was difficult to explain how bad it is to other people (mostly indifferent) and some who tought I was "going crazy" or "wasting my life".

      Now it doesnt bother me as much as before but I greatly regret the way I dealt with.
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      Thanks, Eldous, and welcome!

      We understand what you're going through. I have tinnitus and hearing loss in my right ear, too. Since you've had tinnitus since 2001, you must have at least somewhat habituated to it by now, but I know it can still be difficult to deal with.

      There is lots of great information on this forum, and we are very supportive of one another. Glad you joined us!!!

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