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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ed209, Aug 12, 2015.

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      I introduced myself a few weeks back on this forum. I acquired T over a month ago and have some questions I could really do with some advice on. It's been extremely hard for me to adjust first of all (I did have very mild T for the last 15 years) but the thing is I can't remember now if it had actually faded away or if my older version T was just being filtered out. I simply can't remember because I stopped being interested in it.

      My main question is: Can tinnitus get louder and quieter objectively? on a day by day basis. I know it's probably pretty much impossible to measure, but I just can't understand how the week before last I pretty much went the week without caring, I genuinely thought I was over it. But then out the blue I had a horrendous week where it was very much at the forefront of my mind again. My big question is, what changed? Something biological and measurable where it actually got worse, or was it because my perception on a psychological level was altered and my brain made it seem more prominant?

      To me on some days there is a huge difference, even if I sort of listen for it it's not there under certain ambient sounds, like talking and other background sounds etc. Other days it SEEMS louder, by that I mean it is there constantly and simply cannot be ignored in any way. How can I not hear it one day and another it takes over.

      I feel like I'm losing the plot, because I'm not sure if my good days are down to a genuine biological difference, or if it really is all in my head. My last good day was Sunday, where I'd say I did forget about it all day, I was aware I should have been there to some extent, but I just didn't register it. Next day, back to normal, I could hear it all day over most things.
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      Well, I think, from my non-medical perspective, the answer to your question regarding T actually being louder or seeming louder is probably both. Frankly, it's kind of a complicated question since nothing is actually "louder" in an incoming sound kind of way, it's just all in our heads - so whether it "seems" louder or it "is" louder, it's kind of all the same to the clam (shout out to Shel Silverstien).

      That said, I definitely have moments when I'm sure my T is louder in my head (a spike), these moments are usually fleeting, and then, most of the time I have those moments, when, like you, I find myself wondering if it's louder or not. In those cases, I usually chalk it up to some difference in my stress level, or lack of sleep, or maybe it's really a little louder seeming at that moment. The most important thing to me at this point is working on being okay whether it seems louder or not. Sometimes I do get annoyed or have a moment of sadness, but generally, I read/watch tv/work through it and eventually I get back to a moment where I'm not noticing it anymore.

      The point here is, what you're feeling isn't unusual, and that questioning of "is it louder?" may not go away and you might not know why. You can experiment, if you think your T specifically gets worse after alcohol or something like that and then you'll know to avoid it, but tinnitus is a weird thing. And you're not abnormal, or doomed or crazy or doing anything wrong because you're having good and bad days a couple months into a tinnitus increase. I had pretty much all bad days a couple months into my T, so you're way ahead of the curve compared to a lot of people : )

      Just make sure you're taking care of yourself as best you can and avoiding anything that actually can make your T worse (loud noise etc.) Otherwise, enjoy the days that feel good and be patient and kind to yourself on the days when it's not as easy. In time things will probably even out and you will adjust, this is the result for most people, even people who have come here suffering tremendously and without pause in the beginning. Try to focus on that positivity and your own experience and know that we're all here for you if you need to vent or question etc.
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      I've gone full circle, I felt really low and depressed when it first kicked in. One of the worst parts of my life it was that bad, and then I went through a kind of good patch where I thought it was all behind me, and I actually started to feel the same as before the onset.

      Now I'm almost back to how I felt on the first day, and the funny thing is I can trace back when the decline actually started again, and it was when two of my friends asked me how my ears were on the same day within an hour of each other. I answered upbeat cos I literally was, I was over it, or so I thought I was. After my second friend asked I was still positive with my answer but then, not long after I started to obsess over the T again.

      This is where I put it down to psychology, for the whole week up to that point it was behind me and becoming a distant memory. two friends ask how I am and it kick starts a decline. Maybe them asking was a coincidence and my actual T literally did get louder drawing my attention to it. Understanding which makes my head spin.

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