Hi. After a While, I'm Back.

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marian27, Sep 16, 2015.

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      Hello Everyone,

      I am not sure whether it was because at summer we normally left the windows more open and the street noise sort of make tinnitus less noticeable but I thought I was 100% habituated. Now, Again , here I am.
      After three about three years with tinnitus, I am of course more habituated but there are times that it still bothers me. I find that, for no particular reason, my tinnitus sometimes is lauder and sometimes is lower, I am not sure what makes the difference, But I am sure I don't have any control over that.

      I wanted to ask to anyone that can possibly answer about tinnitus and earplugs use.

      I am normally a light sleeper, and noises tend to wake me up, so for that reason, before I had tinnitus..i used to use earplugs. for obvious reasons, after having tinnitus the use of earplugs made it more noticeable so I have avoided to use them, but I really need to sleep better..

      I can't really depend on sleeping pills.

      My question is., does anyone that has tinnitus managed to used earplugs again, after the onset of tinnitus?.

      I mean, I live in central London, there is no way to escape noise, whether is the neighbours or the people who lives with you using the bathroom at night or else..

      I would appreciate a reply from someone with similar issues.

    2. DebInAustralia

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      I have used earplugs to zzz with tinnitus...no problem...but i dont do that on a regular basis because im concerned about the effect this might have on my t volume

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