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      I am a 29 old guy with relatively newly acquired tinnitus.

      I went to a loud concert in March whereafter I noticed, that my ears were noisy when going to sleep. It felt just as an increased version of the noise that almost everyone that I have talked to experience at nighttime when they listen for it. I could not hear it when not in silence, though.

      Then in the beginning of June I noticed a highpitched sound in my right ear. This happened a couple of days after I had a guy shout 'hallo' in a speaker close to that ear.

      In the beginning it was as if the sound came and went. I remember thinking to myself, lying in bed when the sound was not present, that I had 'silence'.

      Then during the next couple of weeks it was as if it developed in the high-piched region (I don't know 14-17 kHz probably). And also on the left ear. This was 3 months ago and it has not subsided. The high-piched noises are sometimes pure tones, sometimes like high-pitched noise, sometimes like random 'firing' of tones. Still worst on the right ear. This I can hear all the time. Often, even when walking down a busy street. It varies a lot in strength.

      I also have a sound like a car parked outside, I have a low-pitched morsing signal on both ears (different, though) and furthermore I have 2-3 pure tones on both ears, which I can only hear in silence. And a cyclic sound on my left ear, that sounds like the hard drive on my computer.

      I have had my audiogram done up to 12,5 kHz and have nothing below -10dBHL. on 8k and 12,5k I am at 0 dBHL.

      I am really hoping that science is providing treatment in the close future. Even though I know I can 'learn to live' with or 'accept' this noisy reality I am not quite sure it's even worth it.

      Lets hope that the stem cell 'adventure' gives _something_!

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