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      Hey everyone. I just joined this forum and figured i'd introduce myself. Sorry for the long story, it helps to just write about it. The timeframe is only 4-5 months, most of it in the last 2 weeks.

      I started getting tinnitus in february of 2014. This after a long period of significant stress. Death in the family, several pets died, work stress, no holidays for 2 years because we needed to be available for the relative that died. At first it was barely noticeable and I paid it little attention. Oh to go back to those days. After a week or so, i went to the GP, who prescribed me a nose spray because ive been having a runny nose for months. But the nose spray did not do much of anything. Again, I sort of ignored it, and barely noticed it.

      In may I went back, and my GP referred me to an ENT. They did an audiogram, and found some hearing loss at 6khz. The range of hearing loss is really small, from maybe 5900 to 6100, but the graph showed a pretty deep dip there. No idea how I got that. Is this common? I am a scuba diver, with close to 1500 dives, so maybe that contributed? I am relatively careful with music.

      Because of the results of the audiogram and it only being on one side, the ENT did an MRI to rule out an Acoustic Neuroma. The MRI showed everything normal. That was the last I saw of the ENT, he basically sent me home saying 'you'll get used to it'.

      My family has a history of anxiety, and ive had some minor anxiety, but nothing too bad. Now I know what some of my family members experienced. I went into full on anxiety mode. This is forever? Im only 43.

      Two weeks ago, from one day to the next, the day after the last ENT visit, my tinnitus went up in volume and has been rising since. I also have gained a new sound. The original tinnitus is a white noise, which is really not too bad. I can get used to that even though it increased in volume from barely there to always there. The new sound is a high pitched whine, sometimes constant, sometimes random. It seems to be caused by certain outside noises like my car, or other external sounds. One of the worst is running water. It's usually not there in the morning, but it generally appears during the day and gets louder. Sometimes in the evening it fades again.

      I visited the GP about my anxiety, and he prescribed Paroxetine. Unfortunately that had the opposite effect.

      Two days later i got my first panic attack. I woke up in the middle of the night, fast heartbeat, sweating, even suicidal. My wife calmed me down, and I visited the GP the next day. She told me I probably had a negative reaction to the Paroxetine.

      She then prescribed Xanax and send me to an emergency psychiatrist. This did help a lot. I calmed down, and I actually felt ok for a few days, even though my tinnitus barely changed. Ive had maybe 2 really low volume days, and 5 higher ones. My moods go up and down with the volume of the tinnitus.

      Right now im still seeing the psychiatrist. Im also doing a lot of other things. I try to keep busy, and have an amazing wife helping me. Without her, I dont know what would have happened. I take some Xanax, but not every day. I take it as i feel my mood go down. I still feel very anxious, especially about the high pitched 'reactive' noise, as it's so high it really bothers me. I am also ultra-focussed on listening to the tinnitus, basically absorbing my day, which I know is really bad, but i just cant help it. I guess I have OCD as well :)

      Some other things im doing. I ordered custom filtered ear plugs for when im working in a loud environment. I bought tons of cheap ear plugs and put them in both our cars in case I end up someplace noisy. I bought noise-cancelling headphones for when i need to fly. Im seeing several people to help me with my stress and tenseness, acupuncturist/massagist, osteopath, and probably a psychologist soon. I called in sick for work (major source of stress). I booked a horse riding holiday (we own horses).

      Some other possibly related issues. I have just had a test for allergies (my nose is still running, no result yet), and ive had some antibiotics because my tinnitus-side eardrum was red. Normal again after 3 days of antibiotics.

      Some things I may have done wrong. In the first week of my anxiety, I started using an app to listen to white noise at night. The sound that soothed me the most was running water. Before I did this, I had no reaction to loud noises. After a few days, like I said before, certain sounds including running water became horrible to me. Im now wondering if that is caused by the app.

      I can feel things are getting slightly better in that i am at times accepting of the situation. But I am still fearful for the future. Will I ever habituate. Will it maybe even disappear. Do I have some other physical reason for the tinnitus? Has everything been checked? Will it get worse? Questions probably everyone has had.
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      Hi Cor,

      To be short this is T, unpredicable and hard to treat. I strongly advise you to go to a German HNO arzt of your choice. And let infusion (cortison therapy) happen, this will help linder your symptoms.
      Try not to react to the noise but accept it this will speed up habituation.

      All best,

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      How successful is the infusion therapy? It takes 10 days right? Ive heard some mixed stories, especially since my tinnitus is already at least 4 months going, although only 2 weeks strong.
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      @Cor Hi Cor, I am also currently living in Amsterdam - my story also includes lots of "nose sprays" and "you'll get used to it" - good old Dutch way, no offense!

      I have high pitch tinnitus in my left ear (whistle/ringing) and low pitch tinnitus in my right ear (car engine/truck engine/ bass drum/ vibration) - the low frequency tinnitus is even worse than the high frequency one.

      Be strong, there is nothing else we can do about it!
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      Hi, Cor,

      Most probably yes. Most people do. The anxiety stuff is normal. You are followed by a psychiatrist which is excellent news.

      It's too late for doing anything with cortisone. If you are interested, i can PM you the coords of a Belgian tinnitus clinic advised by a famed tinnitus researcher. But even them don't have the miracle cure.

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