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      operating loud machinery
      Hello just introducing myself , been suffering Tinnitus from 2014 and was coping ok until several weeks ago my condition got a '' whole'' lot worst . I'm a bobcat machine contractor and have been driving em for 25 years , then 3 weeks ago after a long day at work my conditioned got real bad and has stayed that way since .

      I have just finished a 4 month contract and I think Im pretty much done as In I cannot see how I could continue my work now & into the future ??

      On a scale it jumped right upto a 9 /10 nearly unbearable !! 2 weeks now it's dropped to say a 7 , coping throughout the day with background noise but at night is the real problem . Im currently trying to mask with white noise at night and tomorrow Im of to get some counciling .Im on medication for Colitis is that part of the problem ??
      Personally I think its from my work . Inside my machine the noise level is at 98 DB I wear & have tried just about every type of ear protection possible Inc aircraft quality and the latest $500 electronic noise cancelling ones which are good .

      My plan now is to take a break from work untill 2017 but cannot see how I could go back to my work re the noise ?
      Ive been told from a good source that my condition should drop in level but will take some time ( months )
      I am stressed now as Im 56 yo not sure what my work options would be ?
      There is no way I could continue in this line of work is there ? The chance of it getting worst are too great I cannot see how I can continue or should !

      Seen my doctor and have been referred to a ENT doctor but I cannot see what they can do ?

      Thoughts ??
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      loud concert
      Since you use ear protection I don't know what to tell you. Are you making sure that you always protect your ears? even when your not at work? Sorry to hear about this. I know what your going through. Mine has been a little worse lately. I haven't been taking care of myself as usual. Got get back to less sugar, salt,caffeine, etc.... Also I usually take NAC Coq10, and some other stuff which I haven't been taking. Sleep is the most important. Make sure u get some . Mask if necessary.. hard to make it through the day without sleep. all the best to you
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      Hi toohp,
      I am sorry to hear about the difficulty that you are going through with tinnitus. Many of us know what this condition is like when it is severe and intrusive. I also believe a break from the noisy environment that you work in is the right decision. Whether you will be able to return to doing that type of work without making your tinnitus worse, is another matter and one you should think seriously about, since the high quality ear protection that you’ve been using hasn’t helped. You really don’t want the tinnitus to get louder.

      Please don’t think ENT cannot do anything because they can. By carrying out tests on your auditory system and having an MRI scan these will determine if there are any abnormalities. Hopefully, nothing will be found and then you can be referred to a hearing therapist where a lot can be done regarding tinnitus management. There are many different coping strategies and treatments available. Please click on the link below for more information about this.

      Using white noise at night is good but try not to mask your tinnitus: cover-it-up so that it can’t be heard. It is better to set the white noise slightly below your tinnitus for sound enrichment. Some people use a sound machine that plays nature sounds, which can be beneficial. Tinnitus takes time to get used to and you will find more information about habituation in the link.

      All the best
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      Hi toohp,

      Aside from going the medical route, you should check in with your employer's HR department about STD or LTD (short/long term disability) and see what the company's policy/options are. If you are not satisfied with the result, you may want to consult with a lawyer specializing in employment laws, especially in your area to see what legal rights - if any - you have at your disposal. Good luck!
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      not sure
      You seem to have a spike. Does this spike happens only after you use Colitis? If it is then it is likely that the drug is ototoxic to you causing your T. Your job is dealing with loud machines. Here is the success story of Jade who drives 800-tonne mining trucks for a living. Perhaps you can learn something from her story or better yet to message her for advice. She may be not visiting TT any more. Hopefully the private conversation you send to her can get it to her personal email. It doesn't hurt to try. Take good care. God bless.

    6. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      I would not do a MRI at this stage unless you suspect anything else than noise related tinnitus and also have other new symptoms besides tinnitus...which does not appear to be the case

      MRI are very noisy even with plugs
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      operating loud machinery
      Hi ,
      Had T for several years mild but as of 6 weeks ago its gone severe from loud noise due to my work .
      Ive had to stop my type of work ( earthmoving contractor ) , first few weeks were terrible but starting to adjust somewhat .
      Getting off to sleep ok but waking too early to the noise and not managing to get back to sleep .
      One of my biggest concerns is not being able to continue my motorcycle riding .
      Wearing the earplugs seem to make it spike or its just the helmet noise doing so , changed to filtered ear plugs somewhat better and adjusting to the noise is hard but coping .
      Short rides so far are ok but my longer rides makes it spike quite bad .

      Taking vit d , b12 , magnesium , zinc .
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      I highly recommend getting custom molded earplugs made. The cost about 100-200 bucks and block about 35-40 db. If you wear those with over-ear protection then you have roughly 60-70 db of protection. From hear on out always take extra precaution inside and outside of work to protect your ears. Good luck.


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