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    1. I´m a 22 year old swede, who has T since 2011. In the beginning there was no problem really, I was still able to sleep, and felt that I did get some quality sleep. So I reallt didn´t pay that much attention to my T. (Some days were still pretty bad, and in the beginning (like half a year or so) it was hard to accept ofc, but overall it was still pretty ok).

      But some months ago, I was out walking and all out of a sudden someone shot an firework, and I was too near and felt that my ears didn´t take it all to well. But I couldn´t for the life of me belive that my T got worse. I had just got my life back on track, and felt really happy, so I couldn´t accept the fact that it maybe got worse, even though I noticed some change in my T, I thought that it was just my imagination. Because all the times I listend to my T after being exposed to a loud noise and thought it might be worse than before, it always was worse than before, but after some days I did realise that it was just me paying my T more attention than usuall. So I tried to carry on as usuall (something I can´t forgive myself for right now).
      Since I live in an small apartment there was always some noise from the kitchen fan and refrigerator when I should sleep, so I guess I forgot the fact that the sound trauma maybe did my T worse.

      But for some weeks ago I had one of those bad T-days, felt a little depressed, and I thought it was just temporary as it used to be. But after going into a quiet room I heard a noise I never reallt heard before. And I guess it must be from that firework explosion afterall. That sound was like 5 times louder than my previous T, and was not just "located" to a small area of my head, but to half my left side of my head. Now I hear that sound at almost any given time when I´m in my apartment, even when I watch TV.

      So some weeks later I sit here, deeply depressed. I can´t sleep nor concentrate. Can´t function as before. I just lay in my bed all day and can´t think of anytime else than my T. I haven´t eaten properly in 2 days now.

      I try to stay positive and think: "You didn´t pay that much attention to your T the last months, so why should you now?" But it gives me not much comfort. I hope that I will accept the new sound sound over time, as I did to the T I had before, since 2011. And I really want to get my life back on track again. But I don´t know where to start. It feels so hopeless to start with noise rest and such things now, since I haven´t exposed my ears to any loud noises after that firework. If it was yesterday my T increased due to loud noise, I could easily have tried to do all that I could in hope that it might have lowering my new, louder, T over time. I would have felt hope. But now the acute, 6 months, has almost passed. I can´t belive that I was so stubborn, and didn´t take it more seriosly before. I just can´t.

      So please give me some input in how to think, and were to start. I´m falling apart right now. I called the hospital and begged for an appointment. But there was no unscheduled time that could be booked, they said, and said that I should call again after a week or so.

      What should I do? I just need some positive energy, some tips. I really want to try to get back on my feets. Is there anything I can do to try to lower my T at this point?

      Sorry for my bad english...

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    2. Karen

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      Hi, Jbar, and welcome!

      I'm so sorry you've had an increase in your formerly mild tinnitus. It's possible that, since this happened fairly recently, your tinnitus may settle back down again. However, if it doesn't, here are some tips, and I'm sure others will want to comment, too:

      1. Background sound -- It helps to have some background sound playing in quiet environments, so you won't notice your tinnitus so much. There are many apps you can access that have good background noise, such as pink noise, that would be soothing. Or, just having noise from a fan or sound player can help. I have a sound machine with soothing water sounds that help me.

      2. Distraction -- Another thing that helps is to find ways to keep yourself busy, and keep your mind active, so that you don't focus so much on the tinnitus. For me, the late afternoon is the hardest time of the day, so I always try to plan an outdoor walk for that time of day. Other indoor activities that help are games and puzzles, anything that will take your mind off the tinnitus. The busier you stay, the better!

      3. Supplements or medication for sleep -- It might be helpful to take something to help you fall asleep, such as melatonin, valerian root, chamomile tea, etc. I also use magnesium chloride tablets, taken about 1 hour before bed, to help me relax. You could also try checking with your doctor, when you do get an appointment, to see if he will prescribe a sleep aid for you. Sleep is very important right now, and will help keep your tinnitus calmer.

      4. Exercise --- When the tinnitus is really bothering you, try exercise! That works for me when nothing else does. Being outdoors is a distraction in itself, and keeps you from focusing so much on the sounds in your head.

      5. Give it time! Most of us with tinnitus find that, in time, (and with a positive attitude!), our tinnitus does calm down, or we can begin to tune it out a lot better than in the beginning.

      I'm sure that others on this forum will have additional suggestions for you. Please don't worry, try (as hard as it may seem) to remain positive, and seek out support from others. If there is no one else you can turn to, we're here for you!

      Best wishes and lots of hugs,
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    3. Thanks for the reply Karen! Some really good tips. I'll try to aply them one after one, and staring with sleep. Feels good knowing I'm not alone.

      Have a nice day :)
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    4. A fellow swede here. For me the turning point was when i learnt to sleep with a background sound. It doesn´t matter if you still here T, just the thing that your brain have something else to focus on is very important. I think my wife even like the sound of rain now. And if my T dissapeared i guess i still will use sound while sleeping.

      Lots of apps that do the work.
      Search for , Relax melodies,simplyrain or white noise sleep miracle that is the one that i use.
    5. Thought I should mention my progress so far.

      I´ve been sleeping better and better for the last month, but does not feel rested when wakening up though. And I still wake up 1-3 times a night, which is irritating when I sometimes have difficulties to fall asleep again.

      Other than that I have been searching the entire net in the hunt for a cure, and I have tried some of the treatments that I found might help (acupuncture, massage, various food supplements, gone to chiropractor, ...); but none with effect.

      I been trying to change my lifestyle into a more healthy one; began to exercise and eat healty, in hope that that atleast wouldn´t make things worse, and hopefully improve my health so I live long enough to see a cure.

      On my bad days I´ve been reading the "Succes stories" on this forum, which have helped me a lot! Thanks! :) (I´ve read all of them so keep on getting better so you can post new ones, they are needed).

      During the past month I have had days when I couldn´t care less of my tinnitus, and was really happy. And it´s for those days I´m longing, as for now the last two days have been pretty hard to walk through.

      I have since some time back stopped looking on the net for cures and treatments hence that only increased my attention towards T. But still, I´m afraid of doing my T even worse! I don´t know how protective I need to be, but rather safe than sorry I guess?

      For the moment I´m resting my ears from everyday sounds - even though I now it´s not recomended - because I just need to try and see if that helps. I know that it might sound stupid to risk getting H too, especially as I can´t pinpoint the exact time when my T got worse, but it was atleast 4-5+ months ago.

      Overall I have been able to put bits and pieces of my life back together, but needless to say my relationship with my girlfriend isn´t the best atm, but even till this day she has supported me (and keeps doing so), and from now on things will only get better, I now it.

      As some say; two steps forward, one step back - but that is a good enough progress for me.
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    6. Karen

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      @Jbar ,
      Thanks so much for posting this progress report! It looks like you are definitely moving in the right direction (in spite of the two steps forward, one step back!), and your story will inspire others who are struggling right now, too.

      Please do keep doing what you are doing, and keep us informed of your progress!

      Best wishes,
    7. Thought I should update my progress once again, and I have almost only good things to say. It is true as many others says "It does get better" - even though it can be hard to believe in the beginning.

      For the first time ever since this summer I have slept good at night for over a week, and since the last update I have only woken up 5-6 times during night due to my T. I feel rested when waking up and I feel that - because of this - I have a lot more energy. And that extra energy helps me to keep my thoughts away from T, even when it so stubbornly wants to get me down. And my new louder T are now starting to fade out of conscious, and my negative thoughts forwards it is starting to weaken. It is starting to become the state which is the "normal" state for me. And maybe 2-3 times I have caught myself thinking "I can actually handle this for as long as it takes, if it will be like this for the rest of my life, then so be it, I can handle it".

      I have had T since 2011, but I could never imagine what difference there could be between tinnitus and tinnitus. I heard my former T only when I was in quiet places (e.g. going to sleep) and not even then was it a problem. Since the increase in volume and addition of sounds, I'm starting to see this as a problem which I need to look after by eliminate the risk of further worsening. Anyone who can tips me of how I accomplish that? I get the feeling that I should be protective, but not overprotective. So where does one draw a line between protecting and overprotecting? If someone reads this, please tell me some e.g. of places where you protect those precious ears of yours and of places where you don't.

      As I said there is a big difference between T and T and there are those who suffer worse than me, so my thoughts are with you today.

      Take care


      PS. I have also visited an ENT since my last update, and he said that there wasn't anything they could do about T or in an attempt to reduce the intensity of it. DS.
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      Glad to hear your progress Jbar. Yours should be a success story post in the Success Stories forum. Congrats. Karen has been so nice and kind in helping you. She is our heroine on TT.

      In answer to your worry about how much you should protect, perhaps you check up the ATA guideline for sounds and their dbs. Anything above 85 dbs you may want to consider protection. But use your wisdom. If you feel some sounds definitely hurtful, do protect from it.

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    9. Thank you for your reply. And I totally agree with Karen spreading positive energy flowing through this forum. The "sunshine"-mood is really an understatement :)

      (Long text, bear with me)

      I will absolutely write a success story, but there is still some obstacles left to get over, which in my case is the fear of sounds which is taken out of proportion. As I said, I can focus on other stuff then T most of the time, but only when doing stuff that I know will not risk further damage to my ears. When I'm in situations that are new to me since the worsening of my T, I barely do anything else than think of my T "what does my T think of this", "will I realize that it's worse when getting home?", "is it really clever to be here?", and so on. And this kind of thinking starts at "low" levels of sound.

      So in other words I'm good at thinking of other stuff than T even though I hear it if I allow myself to, but I can't stop thinking of it even though I not hear it if I'm in a more noisy environment... And that's weird. The fear of worse T in the future is bigger than the "suffer" I get from my T as it is today.

      I'm avoiding all places with sounds that may or may not be harmful, just because it isn't necessary for me to visit such places. I expose myself to sounds that are out of my comfort zone only if I really must.

      All together this tends to limit the quality of my life hence I do not do things that I normally would do just for the fun of it. I'm always planning one step ahead, and always making sure that the health of my ears comes in first hand, no matter what.

      So in this way I'm not ready to write a success story yet, but hopefully I will be one day.

      Everything I do ends with me plugging my ears, even though it's not required according to that link you posted.

      I think the reason for this fear is not only that I have exposed my ears to damaging sounds, but also that I tried to get adjust to higher and higher sounds again after first onset 2011, and did this step by step. And it kind of escalates, when I visited one environment with a certain level of sounds and realized that my T didn't become worse, it was so much easier to take the next step. And so on. Soon I found myself in that zone where the sounds were so high that it could potentially damage my ears. And it most probably did, I just realized that too late. And it's of that reason I'm here today. I always thought that my ears would take damage in "the next step".

      I always tried to protect my ears when the sounds were too high, it was just that when I got more and more adjust to sounds, I got the feeling of how good it felt not wearing earplugs, and I kind of didn't want to put them in my ears till it was really necessary.

      During half a year-year, before I realized that my T wasn't as it used to be, I exposed my ears to many sounds that could have been harmful, not only the one I mentioned but also restaurants, outside pubs, my job (noisy sometimes), went by bus and train, shopped with my girlfriend in bigger cities, visited cafés at school with a lot of students, drove a motor boat once, and even visited Patong (but that was just stupid), and so on, without protecting my ears. I lived a normal life just avoiding cinemas, nightclubs and such extreme loud places. And still I got worse T. So my fear is basically; that the history will repeat itself with me getting worse and worse T.

      And I don't know if I should wear earplugs almost constantly to avoid sound peaks, or just pray to god those won't occur or at least won't be harmful if they do.

      At the moment I'm super aware of my surroundings to see if any potentially harmful sounds may occur.

      I guess T was kind of traumatizing for me :/ But It feels good explaining how I feel, and it will be interesting to see what others think of this.

      I take one day at the time, and I know I will figure it all out in the end. I think I may still be kind of depressed because of my T, and that this fear will settle with time. Anyway, I'm super happy for the great progress I've already made, which being me not freaking out due to the sounds in my ears and head :)

      Have a nice day!
    10. It was a long time since I last was online here. I have been very busy; school, friends, family, working out, etc. I just wanted to tell any one who might read this, that I searched the web for treatments all the time, really gave 100% trying to cure my self. But first when I started SSRI, I really started to feel better. I have been on SSRI for a while now, and as I started with those I felt more and more every day how I slowly got my life back. As I said I started study again, made a lot of new friends, and will continue studying this fall.

      My T is still pretty much as it used to be, sometimes not so disturbing, and sometimes it is.
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    11. patwalsh

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      Hi. What's SSRI
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    12. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, often used as an antidepressant. It's questionable whether or not it makes T lower while one eats it, but as one starts to feel better T can become less of a problem. For me the negative thoughts gained due to T was the worst part, once I got rid of those T wasn't much more than a bunch of sounds.
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      Thanks. I will try anything at the moment.

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