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      Hello people

      I am Tommy, 50 years old with tinnitus in both ears since around 2000 for unknown reasons. No ear trauma, no family history (that I know of) no nothing... Had all kinds of scans over the years all came clean... Tried all things, no success :(

      Happy to have found this place
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      Hey Tommy. I have a question for you. After 16 years living with tinnitus- does it not get easier? Doesn't it just become a part of normal life?

      I'm curious because I can always hear mine if I listen for it, but I don't hear it or focus on it anymore. Not sure if mine has improved, or if my reaction to it has...

      Anyway, welcome- and best of luck!
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      Noise / T worsened with antiobiotics
      @Mattd313 I've had it for about 11 years now and it definitely does get easier. I was in a panic when I first had it, and I had a series of unfortunate events that made it worse. I went to lots of different ENT's who gave me lots of meds, none of which did any good at the time. I used a noise machine to sleep at night because the T bothered me so much. But with time, I habituated to it and learned to live with it and finally barely even noticed it unless I was in a quiet room. However, I've had a major spike just recently due to antibiotics. So yes, for some people it does get easier with time. The one major life change for me was having to avoid loud places. I stopped going to concerts, clubs and anywhere else I know there will be amplified sound.
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