How to Handle Spike/Increase? :(

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jimmie, Nov 10, 2015.

    1. Jimmie

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      2 weeks ago I got a noticable increase in my tinnitus on my left side.
      I had the flu but it was "over" like 1 week before the increase begun.

      I was not exposed to any loud noise at all or anything like that.
      I notice I hear a bit worse on the ear compared to the right (but that might be because I have no loud tinnitus on my right side, online hearing tests say I have normal hearing on even the left but If I cover my ear I notice I hear better on the right)

      It is really driving me down, I used to be able to relax my mind and take focus off it somewhat while watching tv, playing games or doing something that I needed to focus on.
      But now no matter what I do I hear it through everything, I cannot relax my head in any way :(

      I don't know what to do, starting to feel more and more depressed.
      I try to "keep" going with eating decent, every day things but everything seems pointless.

      I had this increase now for 2 weeks, if it were a spike it should be gone by now like it have before, I guess I am afraid it will not come down and I have no Idea how to learn to have this increased sound all the time.

      My tinnitus is very high pitched so its hard to mask, and white noise etc does not do anything except being annoying.
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    2. glynis

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      Hi Jimmie,
      When you have a nasty cold your ears are the last to get better and any mucous can linger around for weeks in your ear .

      Try steam inhalation twice a day for two days see if it helps.
      Do what you can to have sound on around you and try tune in to other sounds.
      It will settle down to your normal base sound but give it more time.
      If its the same in a week ir so ,pop in to your doctors as might try a naisal spray to see it helps....lots of love glynis
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    3. AUTHOR

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      Thank you for the support, I was at the doctors and they said I do have some fluid behind the eardrums (both sides) and they are pointing inwards some.

      Told me to do pressure equalizing or what it's called in English (where you hold your nose and blow)

      I have been very dizzy/foggy now and then and it gets much worse when doing this as many times as I should every day (got told to do it several times an hour every hour)

      But I guess I will keep doing it and hope the dizzyness and tinnitus gets better in time.

      The doctor booked a follow up at the hospital at the ear,nose,throat office in 3 weeks to see if it gotten better, will also do a hearing test then. Because my hearing is worse on the left side right now, which is annoying. But it should be worse at the right side if there is fluid there as well so I have no idea how it is really.

      Right now I can mostly lay down because the dizzyness is annoying and the sound gets me exhausted.

      Thank you for the support :)
    4. Gosia

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      Hey, don't worry. It will get better when you recover . Apparently you have some infection. Your sinuses may be swollen somewhere. They say you have some liquid ? It's not normal. that may be what makes the sound nastier. Try home made treatment like marine water spray, maybe steroids in spray too ( fluctonase ). You probably didn't cure fully yet. Otherwise, a spike can be much longer than a few weeks and still settle down.
    5. HalfEmpty

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      Hey man, I am also having problems with an increase in sound. It happened randomly while I was laying in bed on my phone. I turned over and then BAM I noticed it like crazy. I started to freak out and was able to find these forums. Since then everyday has been a struggle. I used to not notice the high pitch very much, and I had a low pitch hum that I have gotten used to. Now the high pitch is present and it wavers in sound, like an old tv high pitch noise or something.

      From what I've been reading, the best thing to do is try to mask it a little bit but distract your self. If you are able to ignore it for a tiny amount of time, you will probably notice it again. But that's okay, and you should be happy about the progress you did make. I am certain a huge component of T lies within the mind, and anxiety and type D personalities only intensify it. Good luck man, we can do this :)

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