How to Make Friends?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kferrero22, Apr 16, 2016.


What things do you do with your friends?

  1. Hang out, eat, etc.

  2. Gaming, sports, etc.

  3. Go on trips/travel

  4. Shop, see a movie, etc.

  5. Other

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    1. kferrero22

      kferrero22 Member

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      I know the title is so cheesy but I honestly have a genuine question about friends.
      So I have moved around a lot in a short period of time and have found it extremely difficult to form (a) good and close friendship(s) with a person/people who is/are my age. I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or just my circumstances but I haven't had a close friend that I can visit and talk frequently to because the friends I do have reside in different states - hundreds of miles away. When you don't see them face-to-face the relationship always has faded in my experience. I don't believe I am socially awkward (who would?) in any way, I just think that there doesn't seem to be a lot of people who share my experiences and interests.

      Except you guys, we all have tinnitus in some shape or form. Yay friends! :p

      Is there any advice people with a good social life have for me? (Not like go to the club or stuff like that though :cautious:) Is it just being more proactive and outgoing or does it just take many years for friendships to develop? I think it just depends on the situation but I was wondering about any universal tips? :dunno:

    2. DudeMannDude

      DudeMannDude Member

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      Well, step one in making friends is to be near other people. Do that, in whatever way you choose, and it should fall into place.
    3. Zorro!

      Zorro! Member

      You should check out You can search for social activity groups in your area quite easily. You can even start your own group if you want. There are categories for most everything from hiking to dining out to anything you can think of. There's no limit to areas of interest that you can share with other people. And none of them have to involve going to loud clubs. So basically if you have any hobbies or avocations (and surely you do) you should search for groups in your area and see if anything clicks.

      Another option is to volunteer. You'll meet a lot of people doing that. You can volunteer to work with animals or food pantry distribution or any number of things. (Incidentally, volunteering is a great way to network to find a job too.)

      So there ya go. Put yourself out there and make some friends. :)
    4. squeek

      squeek Member

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      Noise impact/maybe seaborn

      Pubs are full of eclectic people. Maybe there is a pub that is quiet enough you can tolerate. Alcohol makes other people easier to engage with people unknown to them. You're bound to bump into someone that is in harmony with your sensibilities/personality/interests.

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