How to Tell If You Have High Frequency Hearing Loss?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ringeee, Sep 16, 2019.

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      I'm trying to pinpoint my cause/type so I can work towards a cure.

      I had a hearing test done and they told me I had no hearing loss. I can use a sound generator and hear sounds as high as 17 kHz. Some of the sound ranges lower than that were harder to hear. I will say I have pretty cheap speakers on my computer and I had to raise the volume to hear the louder sounds.

      I'm just struggling to figure out what type of tinnitus I have. I can't recall a single event making it worse. Stress and anxiety do. Moving my neck and jaw make it worse and I definitely clamp my teeth at night.
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      As you have mentioned that some of the sounds were harder to hear it sounds like you have at least some degree of hearing loss.

      Unfortunately hearing tests done by audiologists only test up to 8kHz and don’t test all of the frequencies below that.

      Can you match the pitch of your tinnitus using the sound generator? If there’s a small dip in your hearing here you can be almost certain of the cause.

      The only relief you are likely to get in the short-medium term is from bimodal neuromodulation.

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