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      I am new to this site but have some new details about my tinnitus to share and maybe get a few suggestions. My T is high pitch ringing that i can not tell if its my head or ear ringing.
      I withdrew from clonazapam 2 years ago, this was just cold turkey because i did not know. I was good for about the first 7 days then it hit me early monday morning when i had several seizures while still sleeping. Thinking back to shortly prior (2-3 days) i remember coming up from the basement and hitting my head on a low rafter as i was coming back up the steps. It was a direct impact on the top of my head pushing my skull straight down onto my spine, I think(not sure) that i blacked out for a few seconds and stumbled backwards .

      I never associated all my drama of withdrawing from the drug to a hit on the head. For the first week i was in bed with headaches, flu like symptoms and U2's Streets have no name playing over in my head 100000 of times a day..Non stop 24/7 the same song in my head for 8 days. After 8 days it turned to ringing in my head that over time i realized appears to be mostly on my left side. I never heard of tinnitus but have done a lot of research and tried to fix me. I never thought it might be a neck/back injury causing this, even though i have had many neck and back issues over the past 40 years. I am 56 healthy, active male.

      Over the past 2 years 1 week and 2 days i tried everything imaginable including:
      Supplements like ginkgo, vitamin b, chiropractor (i do not think he got to far up my neck), acupuncture, massage therapy, over the counter lipoflavin, oxygen testing, sinus surgery, tooth removal, cervical injections, cervical epidurals ***at the time my dr looked at older x-rays so i am not sure he saw a new injury***, wife ran a rolling pin down my spine, ekg, neuro exam, ent, eye surgery, hernia surgery, most significant was a diet where i lost 43 pounds, (199-156) cut our sugar, salt, booze (bummer), sound therapy, maybe more that i can not think of at the moment.

      Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I took a road trip for work in a van that had really uncomfortable seats, 6 hours riding for the day and got home to horrible MID back pain, i could barely walk at that point in the day. I missed a days work that week because of it. I realized about 2 days later that my tinnitus had stopped completely. As long as i had a back ache my tinnitus stopped ringing. This got me thinking about what was going on .. First silence in 2 years came when i got a back ache. In about 5 days my back cleared up on its own with some bed rest. I try not to take pain meds since that tends to make the ringing louder.

      I dug in to the back issue to see if could figure out what was going on so i could call one of my 40 doctors (see above) and see if they would take a look. I have told my wife for awhile if i lay on my left side and tilt my chin down toward my chest i can sleep better because the T is quieter. I started exploring that with my sound proof headphones that i wear in case it was sound related.

      I am now able to turn on and off my t by certain movements as a lay on my pillow. some scenarios
      lay on left, jaw and head on left with neck bent down so my chin and chest almost touch the T goes to faint. I almost have to strain to listen for it. From that position if i then try to look even further toward my back i hear the T click off completely. Turn back and it kicks back on faintly. I have done this over and over for a few days and it continues to turn on and off. I can not walk or sit like this since that would just be weird looking, however at work today i tried to tilt head to the right and it seems to help a lot. This is pretty much identical to what am doing when i lay on my left side.

      If i lay on my right side, back,stomach my neck/pillow is in a different location and my neck flexes in a different direction, in all these positions i have various levels of the ringing. Right side being the worse, which makes sense since in on position my next is flexing and the other it is compressing.

      I think now that this nightmare of the past 2 years boils down to a neck injury. I do have an appointment scheduled for my pain dr. I am requesting new x-rays and hope that helps even it requires surgery.

      Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does anyone have neck exercises that have worked? i am open to any suggestions.. I assume my pain dr is the right person to address this since he does neck surgeries and stuff but am open to other specialists
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