I Miss My Old Tinnitus

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      Sounds bizarre but I didn't know how good I had it. After a 9 month struggle I got back to work, which is international consulting for me, and even posted here a few times with my success story. Still had tinnitus and was quite loud but it became a normal sound for me and no longer registered in my concentration.

      All changed 2 weeks ago when I randomly developed a version of hyper acusis, TTTS or noise sensitivity. After 2 years feel like back to square 1 again, and this one seems tougher to beat. At least with tinnitus the solution was to go back to work. Now my family is worried again, I have not said anything specific, but have taken the last couple of weeks off work and I know they are aware something is wrong and I feel like I am failing them again.

      I keep asking why did I suddenly get this at the two year mark? What did I do different? This is probably not healthy thinking but for the record in case it helps anyone else or maybe someone can offer advice.

      1. I got a severe sinus infection and possible inner ear infection which temporariliy reduced my hearing and increased my tinnitus about a month ago. I healed from this fine and was cruising along for a further week before the noise sensitivity suddenly started. Maybe a delayed reaction to extreme anxeity, and continual searching for sounds whilst my hearing was reduced took effect?
      2. I used a TENS machine on some sore lower body muscles for the first time a couple weeks ago. I noticed my tinnitus spiked a little during the session but this also happens to me during weights workouts so did not think anything of it.
      3. Its harvest season in the region I live, which means a tonne of allergies from crushed plant material in windblown dust. I have running sinuses but otherwise clear middle ears. Still praying when this clears up my noise sensitvity will reduce
      4. This season also necessitates crop spraying of new plantings with industrial pesticides from the air all over the region. I have actually not been home for the months this usually involves for quite a while. I am wondering if causes may be a chemical sensitivity.
      5. I bought a metal detector to take up gold hunting as a hobby. I had to sell it as the noises did tend to irritate my tinnitus. They also use a magnetic field in their operation so not sure if this caused delayed reaction of some sort of permanent damage. Logical thinking says no but...

      Most likely-
      6. Despite beating tinnitus I was still the same anxious, neurotic individual, prone to depressive thoughts, generally anxious day to day, no hobbies, poor eating and health habits, fighting with family, too work oriented, always fixating on the bank account. I promised myself I would change all my ways and learn to enjoy life more or even get help with this if I ever recovered from tinnitus.
      I did not keep my promise and I think the first setback I had( the inner ear virus) stressed me so much it created a whole new problem.

      Bizzarly my tinnitus has dropped back to the lowest it has been since I got the mild version in the army 15 years ago. In fact is has dissappeared completely for an entire day and night in the last week.

      It seems my brain just needs something to stress continually about and as the noise sensitvity is prob No.1 now it does not need tinnitus anymore. Life is a grand joke.

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