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      So it has been some time since I last was here but I need answers again. I have had it for 7 months now and I am loosing hope, my family too - I think. My ENTs have not been helpful and I am going to see one in a month that I have not seen before. To be short my question is how big the chance of this getting away is?

      BUT just to make it a bit longer I have been researching the possibility of hearing loss (who haven't) and I have two hearing test over average and I have measurer my computer while playing videos with the sound I had up to T began and it was not over 70 Db most go the times in mid 60s AND it was without headphones.

      I did experience jaw problems prior and after T began but the jaw itself is fixed now only the muscles affected by the jaw is still hurting and the space where my sinuses are have been and is still hurting a little.

      My physiotherapist have made it less high pitchey (but I have a bad day right now) and she has split the noise in one ear each with two different sounds one lower than the other. is that good? depending on the day the lower and higher will shift ears...

      PLUS (sorry it became long) yesterday I got up from laying down quick and ran up the stairs and sat down. When I sat i notched that my ear/ head felt different and the clog in my ear felt different and then the sound shifted to something I can only explain as the sound before you pass out. It was quite nice compared to now. Is that hope or at leaf good?

      Sorry for the long story but I was in a state of panic and needed to as someone
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      Food poisoning.
      If you've had tinnitus for 7 months it's not likely that it will resolve on its own but nobody can really tell.

      I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here... but a computer program would have to be calibrated with an external dB meter before it would be of use.

      Does it sound better to you? Only you can say if it's good. Generally speaking a physiotherapist can slightly manually influence the way the nerves process sound but not to the extent we need to get rid of tinnitus.
      There's nothing in here that would denote you healing spontaneously but that is only because there has not been enough depth research done on the subject.

      It would be best to discuss this with your doctor.
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      Just thought I'd say it's not true it will not go after seven months. I had it for four years now, and up till the start of this year it had got markedly better to the stage I couldn't physically hear it too much at all.

      While I may be going through a massive spike right this year, take trust there is hope. My current 'spike' is due to ridiculous stressors and probably some loud music and not looking after myself during stressful times.
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      earplugs/ hearing loss
      If that will confort you, it can still go away, absolutely. There are people who have it gone after 1, 5,10 years..However, there are those with whom it stayed forever so just in case you have to start adapting to this version yet there's still hope it will reslve or that an efficient drug will appear finally. Meanwhile , like everybody else here, you have to learn all you can about T, try to tame it, see what helps you keep it lower and what makes it worse. There are many paths to discover in this field and given your early stage you probably haven't tried many things yet. Unfortunately, help may not come to you right now, life doesn't work like that. Seems that we have to take a lot of crap on our shoulders and try to find pleasure despite everything. If you expect a miracle you will only get more and more disappointed. T sucksm but how you deal with it after the harsh beginning depends on you a lot.
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