If Hearing Aids Made Your Tinnitus Go Away for the Most Part...

Discussion in 'Support' started by Marie79, Apr 22, 2016.

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      ...Would you listen to your doctor and not wear them because he says it will hinder your habituation?

      that's what mine says.
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      I have hearing aids with masker setting.
      If you have hearing loss they will help you.
      If you don't have hearing loss then Maskers would be better....lots of love glynis
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      What I would do personally is probably wear them most of the time (at least coming from my circumstance where I can hear tinnitus almost all the time except in the shower or while asleep). However, in your case if you want to habituate to it, what you could do is just go without them until you start getting upset about your tinnitus and then put them in to calm down. Then after you calm down take them out. What I think would happen is over time you fight or flight response would get less and less because you know you can escape the noise any time you want by putting your hearing aids in. Also, I heard from an audiologist one time that he knew a young woman who had hearing loss and was given hearing aids. As time went on her hearing improved more and more and what he said happened was that a very stressful event happened to her and then as she got better her hearing improved and she did not need the aids anymore. Who knows? Maybe your hearing could improve a little if your stress went away. I'm not saying it will but it would be cool if it did. :)

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