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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Danikam, Jul 3, 2018.

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      Happy Tuesday Friends!!!!

      If you had a rough night last night or woke up with that "another day of tinnitus" sad feeling I'm sending you a hug!!!

      I remember many a morning waking up feeling sad.....honestly it felt like waking up after a great loss like the death of a family member...because I WAS grieving...grieving the loss of my joy, my peace, my sanity!!!

      When your in the fight to make it through this it can be so draining....I know, I've been there.

      What worked for me was staying busy....and look, I get it....your already so tired and thoughts like I can't stay busy for the rest of my life cross through your mind. Here's some good news...it's not forever...it's for now!!!
      If you want to get better, if you want your life back you HAVE to fight.

      One thing that really got me down was that I love to read...reading is something you do in the quiet and quiet wasn't my friend. Then I remembered that one of my most favorite places to read was on the beach....by the ocean.....the ocean isn't known for how quiet it is, lol
      So I got a glass of wine, made my room super comfy with clean sheets, fluffed pillows and just the right lighting...got my favorite book and put on some ocean sounds!!!!

      The lesson for me was this.....I can still enjoy the things I use to but I may have to make some adjustments...I needed to let go of what I lost and start getting creative with ways to get back my joy because that's what I really wanted...happiness!!!!

      Once I started to realize I could be happy and have T the shift from not ok to ok started to happen.

      Start small....you don't have to win the war today but I'm sure you could pick a battle and kick Ts ass!!!!

      One thing at a time, one day at a time.

      If you haven't smiled in a long time make that your goal today.....what's one thing you could do today that would put a smile on your face because if smiling with T is possible, well hell.......anything is possible!!!

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    2. Jiri
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      noise + injury
      Happy Tuesday to you too @Danikam !

      Thank you for spreading some positivity on this forum and sending you hugs too :huganimation:
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    3. jimH

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      Acoustic trauma
      @Danikam ,....that's a really nice, uplifting and encouraging post! There's also some good advice and wisdom in it. I know because I've lived with this affliction for many years and have used a number of the same coping and surviving methods that you have. I also know that your suggestions are valid ones because they are based on your actual personal experience and because they also worked for me.
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    4. Roy114

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      Noise exposure (music festival)
      Hi there,

      Thanks for sharing this and you're absolutely right. With the risk of jinxing it I've been doing pretty well the past few weeks. My tinnitus is loud enough to be heared all day long over everything, but I've been doing fun things the past week and it hasn't bothered me at all. It almost feels like it has gone down, but once I focus on it I soon realise that thats not the case. Habituation is really our best cure for now, and it sure works for me. I'll be going on a 8-day holiday to spain with my friends and its gonna be the best week of my life. Tinnitus sure ain't gonna stop me from enjoying myself.

      We just need to distract ourselves by doing things we love. Our brain will start to understand that Tinnitus isn't an actual threat. The only reason it's so loud at times is because our brain amplifies any sound that it thinks is a threat. Once you overcome the fight or flight mode caused by it, life will greatly improve.
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    5. emmalee
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      Lovely to see another positive and encouraging post from you, Danikam.:huganimation:A while back you were very supportive of me and offered up some much needed encouragement when I was down. I will never forget this.
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    6. T-sux

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      Damn gurl, u cute :woot: :cool: :love: :p :puppykisses: :huganimation:
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    7. Vic sara

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      Ear infection
      Thank you for posting this, I really needed it today xx
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    8. daiso

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      Wow, that's a very uplifting post. That's exactly what we need.

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