Is There a Way to Habituate to Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by sol sober365, Sep 13, 2015.

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      i posted in a previous thread my story with tinnitus returning at a louder volume then in the passed (see link below) and 3 days into its return-just when is was ready to start rallying myself to habituating from tinnitus like i did in my first go round-my hyperacusis returned and im wondering if there's a way t habituate to it like i did for a while with tinnitus.
      my hyperacusis is basically a whistling after affect of pretty much any noise i hear-especially ones that are even remotely loud, but some low sounds too-which came and went on and off for about 6 months in my first go round with tinnitus and then went away.
      and no, i havent been around any really loud noises since august.
      being that i have no way to know if it will go away or not, is there a way to habituate to it?
      please help me.

      (here is my story with tinnitus for those who missed it )
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      This doesn't look like hyperacusis, more diplacusis.
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      I have had this. To me it is a form of reactive T. For example if a dog barks, you'll hear "woof /beep", almost as the T sound is layered in with it.
      For me this passed but my T is quite reactive lately.
    4. sol sober365

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      thanx for the responses.
      it came and went during my first bout with tinnitus but i dont rememeber how or or how quick it went away
    5. sol sober365

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      i mean i do have hyeracusis in general from a standpoint thta i have to wear earplugs when im in any remotely loud situation which most people dont, but thats old new and it doesnt bother me.
      this stuff, hwever, is the king of annoying
    6. jeanneguy

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      I understand all too well. My T seems to be getting worse daily.
    7. sol sober365

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      it seems like every remote noise has a whistling effect to it now

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