Is There Any Reason or Explanation on Tinnitus Behavior?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Keith D Mitchell, Nov 13, 2015.

    1. Keith D Mitchell

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      No Idea
      Well, I should more specific actually. In my case, my ringing or "T" was thought to be brought on my an ear infection. One that an ENT didn't catch up my GP did, go figure. So I've been on Amoxcillian for 8 days now and my right ear feels better, not as clogged but I did have a major "wet" feeling last night and the ear was similar to eating a bunch of medicated cough drops and that it was "chilled".

      I'm getting off track here, sorry. I've had the clogged and ringing for about 3, almost 4 weeks now, but since i've been taking the antibiotics, I guess I feel better and I've had plenty good days where there's no ringing or it's so slight I don't hear it, like right now. Then there will be days when it's like a 3 stage alarm all day or quiet and ramps up to loud, until I goto sleep.

      My question is though, why? Why this this fluctuate so much, it's not the underlying cause is changing, why is it constantly a up or down rollercoaster? Sure Anxiety plays a large part in it, but that is only caused when the "T" is heard, like the chicken and the Egg.

      What gives? It's truly baffling to me.
    2. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Keith,
      Tinnitus comes in lots of sounds and strengths and can change at any time for no reason or for a reason and the unwanted emotions that come with it can just be as hard to deal with.
      As long as you don't put your ears in any danger around loud sounds,most people's tinnitus reverts back to its normal base sound they hear the most of the time.
      I could give you a list of what causes a sound increase or starts tinnitus but by focusing on the positives in life and not letting your ears rule your life,you can learn to enjoy life again and learn to deal with the unwanted emotions that do settle in time as you adjust to your tinnitus sound.....lots of love glynis
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    3. Sgguy46

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      Have had T for eight months now. I have no idea what causes the variation... except that it does vary. T is the strangest thing. I have givem up trying to understand it. Only thing i can more or less control is my reaction to it.
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    4. Gary Hoggett

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      My tinnitus has a variation too.
      It's either very loud or if I listen to something louder,my tinnitus will always be louder. It's like it has its own volume control and wants to make itself heard.
      I wouldn't mind if it was a nice sound,but it's a cross between a dentist drill or an electric drill.
      I have everything fairly loud just so I can hear it and i tend to talk loudly or shout just to make myself heard :(
    5. Nick Pyzik

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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      Have you been around any loud noises before you developed ringing in your head? One of the things people on this site don't think about is noise. Noise is everywhere in this world and our inner ear is so delicate that damage can happen without you realizing it. So like I said have you watched any tv that was loud, listened to music through headphones/speakers that was loud? If so I can explain to you what has happened. If your Tinnitus is not noise-related then I can't.

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