Is There Such Thing as *Too Much* Masking / Sound Enrichment?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MattS, Sep 10, 2019.

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      Hi all,

      Until recently I've found myself coping quite well without a lot of masking - the noises are always there, but they'd settled in a bit, and I was actually at the point of still being able to enjoy "quiet", even if that quiet included my noises. Lately I've been getting more bothered by them, however, and so have been masking more often.

      I know that with plugs they say "use when you need to, but don't over-use". Is it the same thing with masking? Can there be *too much* masking? Maybe slow healing? Lead to an over-reliance on the mask? Prevent the ears from experiencing true quiet? I dunno... just wondering people's thoughts.

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      If masking is done with low enough volume (lower than your tinnitus) and not directly to your ears with headphone or earbuds, then it is considered sound enrichment. I think TRT encourages the use of sound enrichment. Like all things, moderation is the key.
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      from my experience, always lower volume than your tinnitus, and only when it it is most annoying you and/or most needed, (eg. working, sleeping, high anxiety periods) is the best healing method. too much and too loud can be bad imo.
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      Constant noise and constant silence are both bad.

      If your pitch is shrill and cuts thru the mix of day to day life well, you may be tempted to make masking noises loud. This will fatigue your ears.

      This works differently for everyone - but for me I found it helpful to both sit in silence and get used to / meditate on the tone, and also to mask it when I truly needed to relax.

      My tinnitus has largely faded and I'm also totally habituated but I still sleep with some noise in the room. Summer it's an AC, winter it's a humidifier. I prefer not to listen to it at night. But I did find it helpful to stew in it mid day for increasing periods of time when I was in the freak out phase. It's almost like being tickled. At first it's torture - but as you get older it's just a touch sensation.
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