Is This Hyperacusis?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MickBr, Sep 15, 2015.

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      Hi thanks for any help from the H sufferers. I have some symtpoms occurring, not sure what they are. I am a long time tinnitus sufferer with mild recruitment( engine noises sound louder than normal but not H before.

      4 weeks ago I had an episode of extra loud tinnitus/sinus/mild hearing loss for a month which doctors thought was either inner ear virus/and or sinus allergy problems.(its harvest season here so lots of dust and plant matter on the wind)

      I felt 90% recovered this week, sinuses are still running , but hearing came back and tinnitus has dropped to normal.

      However... have sudden sensitivity to sounds which has been increasing last 3-4 days. 90% of things sound normal but 'impact sounds ' aka doors closing, cutlery in sink, dropping things, especially anything surprising me really really irritate me. Not pain but a "fills my ear up feeling" accompanied with a nasty jolt of adrenaline. I am afraid of the sound.

      Is this the dreaded H now setting in? I notice I have a mild ear ache so hoping its still sinus/virus related, but very worried.

      Just edited to say sudden sounds are startling me, more than causing me actual pain
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      Hey @MickBr,

      It could by hyuperaccusis, but it could also be a misophonia to loud sounds in general caused by the irritation to your ear and previous history with tinnitus. It's quite possible that your anxiety is at an all time high given what has been going on with you lately. Of course, I am not suggesting that you go to a concert to test that theory, but I do recommend that you try and relax. Make sure you get a good nights sleep and make a point of trying not to react negatively to loud sounds. It may be harder than it sounds, but with enough time you can overcome your anxiety. :)

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      Very similar story as me. Had an ear infection just last week that increased my T to an all time high. Now that everything seems to back to normal, including my T's spund, I get an extra beeping sound when ever the water is on. Can also hear it with loud fans, messing with plastic bags, and my car's AC. Hoping it goes away.
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      I had this as well, the fullness and startle reaction to these same types of sounds, although it wasn't as a result of sinus issues. My guess is that it was a form of H, slowly but surely as I exposed myself to normal everyday sounds it subsided. remember these are normal everyday sounds and I don't consider them as damaging but I did do my best to anticipate them and avoid them whenever I could. I also carried plugs with me in case i encountered a loud situation, but I rarely ended up needing them. I did use the plugs if I took an extended car trip as road noise on certain roads bothers me. Strange shit this whole t and h affliction is!

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