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Discussion in 'Support' started by Sean, Feb 9, 2014.

    1. Sean

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      Hello everybody ,
      I haven't even positing lately . I thought let me get away from the board and not think anout T all the time .
      I have been wearing ear plugs where ever I go and I haven't had a spike in 2 months or so .But , two days I was on the phone and was using car speakers to talk . By mistake , I turned on the volume really high ! It was for split second only ,but now I can hear my not v loud but it definitely spiked !..
      Do you guys think it will back to normal level ???how much can we really protect ??how safe can we really get ??
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      hi Sean

      that's great that you've been able to stay away from the boards.
      means you are moving towards habituation.
      not that i suffer with hyperacusis but i have read to be careful with plugging up your ears all the time.
      the t will definitely fade into the background again. its normal for t to fluctuate. it will settle down again. just keep doing what you have been doing as drawing attention to it will only make it worse.
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    3. AUTHOR

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      My Volume actually had gone down but because of this stupid mistake ..I have lil bit of spike .
      Thanks for replying .
    4. yonkapin

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      Definitely don't do this, only use them where they are appropriate otherwise you will run the risk of making your ears more sensitive to sound and possibly developing hyperacusis. Hope things settle soon!
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