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Discussion in 'Support' started by Ken.Oh, Jun 22, 2016.

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      i have serious jaw issues. think they've gone past tmj. doctors say it's a degenerative condition caused by my jaw being out of alignment for so long that its ground away the cartilage in the socket, had been grinding on bone and is now on at least one side, jabbing into my ear canal. which is really painful. apparently there is no surgery which can fully help fix this. in the last ten or so years, it seems every two years or so, i am in a situation where a loud situation causes my ears to be full of swirling and static noises for months (generally not a steady tone, though). it's always subsided, eventually, though. and the noise level of these situations never seem to bother anyone else present. so i'm not sure if my jaw situation is making me more sensitive to sound. that seems unlikely to me, but maybe it's possible. i'm in the middle of one of my ear noise (and pain, of course) situations. my question is...whenever this happens to me, i can modulate the pitch of the sound in my worse ear by shifting my jaw. playing it like an instrument, basically. does anyone else have this? it might sound fun to have your own private personal instrument, but it's not!
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      Meniere's Disease
      My new was the same and The Maxillofacial specialist says I'm a candidate for surgery to both sides of my jaw joint.
      He has given me 6 months to think about having a opperation.

      Since I have seen him last I have had some dental work done .
      3 back teeth removed and one side tooth as we're broke and had a partial denture done and now my jaw does not crack or crunch and won't need a opperation...lots of love glynis

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