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Discussion in 'Announcements & Feedback' started by Tinnitus Talk, Jan 9, 2012.

    1. Back in March last year I asked Jim if he'd be willing to be a moderator for Tinnitus Talk.

      What was supposed to be a few days became more than a few months, but today Jim is appointed Community Manager and Moderator of Tinnitus Talk.

      A couple of reasons:
      • He was amongst the first to join TT.
      • From day 1 I was very impressed by his calm and helpful character.
      • He's been active throughout the year, even during the extremely idle times, when there was little or no activity at all.
      • He lives far away from me, thus many times when I'm not online he's still around. Thank you, timezones!
      Basically what moderating Tinnitus Talk at this point of time means is taking care of spammers (i.e. banning and removing spam posts and users). Lately there haven't even been many of those, but there was a wave of spammy users (or more likely bots) some time ago when I daily had to do some cleanup.

      However light the workload is, Jim's work will be much appreciated. Thank you Jim!

      PS. Feel free to ask Jim whatever comes to your mind regarding Tinnitus Talk or tinnitus. Or me. We both will try and find an answer!

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