Just a Question: Can I Expect My Tinnitus to Return to Its Normal Level?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hardwell, Dec 7, 2015.

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      I've only had T for a month and a half so I'm still working out the jist of it all,

      So last night in work I was clipping some posters into frames, the frames kind of make a loud noise when you secure posters. Best way to describe it would be to say it's like a loud clap right next to your ear.

      My T seems to be generally central or left ear but after a couple of bangs (loud claps) from securing the posters, I can now hear a high pitch noise in my right ear which while it's a high pitch its considerably a lower pitch than what I'm used to which I'm finding irritating. My right ear also seems full for some odd reason.

      My question is, can I expect my T to return to its normal level or should I prepare to deal with this permanently?

      Thanks in advance, Callum
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      not sure
      From my experience and what I have read, most T spikes will settle down. Your brief exposure to that noise shouldn't have done the damage. It is not gun shot noise or something like that. So hopefully your spikes will settle to base line. The thing you can do to hasten the process is not to worry about it. The more worry and stress, the worse T can get. T likes anxiety and negative emotions to perpetuate its tyranny over us. You may want to check out with an ENT to make sure your ear fullness is not related to infection. All the best to your recovery and God bless.
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      Ah okay thank you @billie48 I'm keeping busy at work at the moment so I'm not paying any attention to it, I've seen my GP twice he looked into my ears with some device to check my ear drums which I presume means checking for infections also, everything was all clear so I need to book an appointment when I have time to have my ears examined. I'm not in a rush to book the appointment it's not like the T's going anywhere hahah
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      one week after leg surgery plus hearing loss in higher freq.
      Carry earplugs with you so you can protect your ears if you get caught in a noisey invironment. Yes your T spike should settle in a few days from my experience.

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