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Discussion in 'Support' started by Catarina, Jan 30, 2014.

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      So I have been thinking a lot about the difficulty to get medical help for your tinnitus. It seems to me that doctors in general are of the opinion that tinnitus is usually uncurable. They may try some treatment or other just in case, steroids for instance. Some doctors are of the opinion that tinnitus is always due to damaged hair cells and are not interested in listening to your specific history. You are then left to your own devices. Since tinnitus isn't a disease but rather more of a symptom, shouldn't more effort be put into a medical assessment of your ears, nose and throat? Your general health? Blood pressure? What you get is usually a hearing test, then the doctor will look into your ear canal and your ear drum and measure the pressure there. Unless the tinnitus is due to an infection or damage of some sort they won't find much there. It may not be possible to pin down the cause of the tinnitus, but I do believe that there may be issues with for instance the ears that can aggravate the tinnitus. If those issues were dealt with, the tinnitus might be alleviated and be much easier to manage. However, if tinnitus patients were to be thoroughly examined and assessed we would probably be considered a burden on the health service. It is not a directly deadly disease after all. And the health services in many countries are under pressure because of the economic slump. I imagine this differs depending on where you live and who you get to see. My experience here in Sweden is that it is extremely difficult to get a medical assessment from a specialist. The audiology side however, where you get help with habituation and hearing/masking devices and therapy, is very good. Once you've insisted the ENT remit you there, that is. But imagine a patient saying to the doctor: "I am in constant pain and I can't stand it". Would the doctor just do a perfunctory general examination and then dismiss this with: "Well, it's just a bit of pain, it won't kill you. You have to learn to live with it."? It may not be possible to find the cause of the pain or cure it, but this patient would be thoroughly examined and the symptom treated. Perhaps if tinnitus was classified as a symptom equal to chronic pain the medical profession would be more open to spend some more time on being up to date on research and potential treatments and on us patients.
      Sorry for long and rambling post, but you lot are the only ones I know who could possibly be interested in the subject!
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      In China, since so many people got severe hearing loss, and the ENT will pay attention to hearing loss more than tinnitus. One reason is because hearing is important for communication, and deaf is consider to be a kind of disability. And for tinnitus, the whole society lack the knowledge of how suffer the patient is for this conditon. On the other hand, the doctors indeed have very few knowledge about tinnitus, since the cochlear is a organ which can not be observed by any device, nobody really knows what happened there if somebody got tinnitus, and even more complicated, when some research found the tinnitus got relationship with not only cochlear but also the brain, nobody no what could be done to deal with this...:(
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