Link Between Tinnitus Tolerance and Emotional Processing

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Strong Eagle, Dec 14, 2015.

    1. Strong Eagle

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      Loud noise... I think.
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    2. Dutchy
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      Neuronmodulation suggests noise induced?
      That depends on more than one scenario though,those already having more trouble to deal with emotions like ,anxiety and other disorders probably have less resistance to T to begin with.Using your frontal lobe seems hardly a choice when you have an emotion deficit to begin with.Many people that have T also have trouble dealing with emotions,not by choice though.anxiety is not a choice you willingly make,especially not with T.

      I'm not sure what they're suggesting,especially not when looking at the following study regarding people in service.
      Then you're going even deeper into the realm of emotions that are not controllable by sheer will.

      Skeptical i am about this research,it's great to see people are jumping in,i'm just very skeptical about this approach.
    3. Panos Spoudeas

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      very good article- thanks strong eagle
    4. Joe Bananas
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      Acoustic Trauma
      I am currently dealing with such a tragedies cocktail that even the best T moments are a true pain in top of it.
    5. linearb

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      I don't think they are suggesting anything at all. This is more a case of someone saying, "we assessed people who handle tinnitus well vs badly to look for a neurological basis for that difference, and here's what we found". I don't think this should be interpreted as a sign that people who struggle with tinnitus are "doing something wrong", any more than people who suffer from phantom pain after an amputation are "doing something wrong" compared to people who do not suffer from phantom pain after an amputation.
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    6. Shark2k

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      loud music
      There is an aspect of the study or it's interpretation that may not be given adequate consideration. Based on their findings, the researchers are theorizing that the reason some people are less affected (bothered) by tinnitus than others is that they have somehow trained their brains to process emotional stimuli differently, as a response to their condition.

      I would like to suggest, that at least in some cases, those folks who are less bothered by T had already started to redirect emotional processing from the amygdala to the frontal lobes. What do I base this on? My own experience...

      Just a thought.
    7. Telis

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      Drugs barotrauma
      My T got WAY worse since onset (as in more intense, painful pitches, different sounds) along with ear pain and severe H making it harder if not impossible most days to cope.

      If I had T like I used to, I wouldn't give a shit and have a totally normal life. So if I had my old T my personality/brain would be one that can cope very well with tinnitus? Well I'm the same person that is now crippled by tinnitus???

      Why is it always about one person coping better than the other? How the fuck do they know what one persons condition is like to cope with vs the other to begin with? How about the condition itself being considered as factor? And if you don't have that factor, it's all nonsense, total guess work.
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    8. Nick Pyzik

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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      The brain itself changed(adapted). The person themselves didn't conscientiously do it. Our conscious is made up of only our thoughts and the stimuli our brain is receiving at that specific moment in time. That could suggest that emotional changes occur before one develops "Tinnitus" or in other words hears ringing. Most likely the emotional processing ability we have with our "hearing" changes as we grow in age through certain things.
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    9. nimx

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      It has to do with personality, sure who was already anxious has a harder time to cope with T, but don't forget you can train your brain to work correctly/better, personality, with hard work, can be changed, slowly. And it's a wonderful journey.

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