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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bette Ricci, Jan 4, 2016.

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      When I first moved down to Florida I came down with Tinnitus along with the severe vertigo and vomiting. It finally went away 2 weeks after quitting my job. I had it for a year. Then it would simply come and go with no big issues.
      Last year when I went up north I had the problem with imbalance, nausea and tinnitus. Then this year we went over to Mississippi and the weather was quite chilly with the wind really blowing. Then again I get it. I did find a doctor that did all kinds of testing and said that I have Meniere's and BPPV. He did the epley maneuver and cured it. I do have hearing loss in one ear. I was just up at my Doctors this past week but did not have the symptoms to do the eply again. So now I feel stuck in a tunnel. I am in bed with my bucket and meclizine just in case I get a true spinning vertigo attack. When I get this tinnitus it makes me feel powerless and certainly keeps me from doing things that I want like being a prisoner in my own home.
      I have been reading my nutritional healing book and they talk about Manganese as being essential. I am trying to backtrack when the episodes happened and seems like they occur under stress or being in a different climate although still in the states.
      I look forward to reading the forums and the other members stories.
      Thank you for reading my story
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      Hi Bette sorry to hear about your diffuculties. I understand about the tinnitus although I don't have Menieres I do suffer daily dizziness/imbalance and deaf in one ear since birth, I'm 27 now. Can I ask when you say you have hearing loss is it partial or full hearing loss in the one ear? Was it caused by Menieres? Or you had this prior to Menieres. I only ask because I am scared that I may get diagnosed as having Menieres one day with having tinnitus, daily dizziness/imbalance(although not vertigo) and me already being deaf in one ear I worry if this would make me loose my hearing completely. ENT said no its not Menieres before and it never gets mentioned. Thanks x

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