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      I wrote, in the past, that I've been using nature recordings produced, as much as I can tell, in a studio by Mike Petroff. Like others on here, I too deal with an assortment of sounds in my head, swishing, tapping, ringing, a heartbeat at times, and what I have found helps me is Mike's sound therapy.

      I purchased his six or eight CD set online many years ago. I just noticed on http://www.magazine.utoronto.ca/leading-edge/help-for-tinnitus-symptoms-jerry-halik/ these words "Mike Petroff, a California-based inventor and tinnitus sufferer, has developed a promising new masking therapy called Dynamic Tinnitus Mitigation...." It's an old article and goes on to say "Dynamic Tinnitus Mitigation will be available from North American hearing care providers or directly from Audio Bionics by early 2010."

      Here's their address and phone number:
      1394 EDGEHILL PL PASADENA, CA 91103-1112
      (626) 229-9916
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