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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by mickb, May 3, 2014.

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      Minor since 1993 , worse since 09/2013
      I have had some recent successes with my 6 month old tinnitus I'd like to share.

      Without sounding like any sort of blowhard, up until last year I was a successful business owner and had also represented my country in sport. What always worked for me was positive thinking habits and the belief you not only control your action and thoughts, but your physical health and the way the universe treats you. I got onto this by reading Napolean hills think and grow rich about 13 years ago. That’s when I started doing well with sport and later started my own business in geo/mininf drilling and exploration which was quite successful.
      Tinnitus last year gave me a huge kick in the balls. At first I had a minor version, took 3 weeks off the noisy site I was supervising at to get tested. Only 4% hearing loss says the ENT, no probs back to work. First day back and real tinnitus hit, screeching! I think to this day, my lifestyle had become too stressful, |I had forgotten the principles of positivity and all the adrenalin and cortisol I lived off with my business is what gave me the bad tinnitus. One day ENT’s will be able to prove the causes , but until then,unrelenting stress I think was my worst enemy.
      After going through the usual despair, especially the first week thinking I was going to die and had to get back to see my family for the last time, the general fear, loss of joy, loss of earnings( about 150k p/a profits for me), betrayal by the universe lol which is even worse being the loss in my belief systems, I started positive thinking again, just in the slim hope it might work.
      About 2 months later I suddenly realised some things had turned around. The high pitched screech’original noise’ had mitigated into a generalised hissing behind the head. Not great, but at least I could sleep without masking noises now. The hyperacusis seemed to have gone, I could hear things without discomfort. I could take the focus off the sounds left. A big plus was also going back to part time work, I’d spend a whole day not noticing my tinnitus. Maybe its physiological change or improvement, maybe its the same as before, but I am just focussing off it better, I'm really not sure. Its funny once you improve your focussing ability away from it some of the time, it seems like its not even a real problem. That's been a good thing for me.
      I am not trying to preach like a religious nut on my personal beliefs. But I think the big difference with very successful folk (and I mean famous level or at least millionaires, and this also includes a successful business ownering doctor or ENT) is they have a level of desire, drive and continual joyful interaction with others which enables them to more quickly move past even severe tinnitus. They live and breath successful thought processes.
      One of the tenets of this and they all do it as habit without realising it is discarding any interactions as not being worth anything if they cannot benefit them in some way. An annoyance, a slight, an argument, they can put it aside to think of their progress or next contract or earnings. Or another way to put it, is turning everything into good use in some way, even when they do meet an obstacle. I believe this mental habit allows them to section off tinnitus or mitigate its effects more effectively after the initial shock. It’s a habit of focus control and they have a lot more practice than the average guy.

      The good news is anyone can do it. My own belief is the best parent, or single mother, or guy who prides himself working at mcdonalds etc has just the same levels of success, focus and positivity.
      If you can see yourself as a successful person rather than just another 9-5 joe suffering with a disability, it may be the turning point for you. The good news if you are into these books is you don’t have to do all the thinking yourself to get there. Just follow the basic examples and the little mental exercises will build up your thinking.

      Anyway I am not trying to sell books, just offering something that may add something to folks arsenal.
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      Thank you for being so positive, I have my T since April 15 th/2014, not feeling good , nice to read your post, it helps.keep intouch.
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      Minor since 1993 , worse since 09/2013
      Just an update, I got most of my life back on track. I am working again internationally, tinnitus only bothers me a few % of the time now and my life has improved in other ways better than before. Most days I forget it is there. I'd like to put a quick timeline down for anyone it may help.

      First 3 months- felt shellshocked, thoughts not of suicide but that I would die soon. First fear as we all have , will I ever get to sleep again, loss of earnings/ job, continual fear of the tinnitus getting worse. I quit the gym , avoided noise, had these horrible feelings of guilt I had let my famil down, was scared to teel them as if in some way I did not want this terrible thing to soil their emotions as it had mine. I was so scared, even of of heavy rainfall, also panicked anytime the tinnitus sounds seemed to change, as they did when I focussed on them.

      Second 3 months. Two things happened, though protecting my ears as much as possible, I realised it was difficult to avoid all noise. Being in a hurricane region we got hit with a mild one, and it was only when it was bearing in I realised the noise would be extreme and I could not get away from it. I survived the noise and though it cranked by tinnitus up for a day, it went down again. A variety of other noisy things occurred which by accident made me realise my own tinnitus could survive loud noise. Examples are my sisters screaming toddlers when they stayed for a month( 120decibel shrieks so the books say), I could never always predict when they were going to blow up. Noisy tractors driving past my house in the country, road noise of my beat up car too.

      The second thing was going back to part time work, a basic local job. The first week on the job the normal 'new job stress' occupied me so much it made my tinnitus actually disappear the whole time or so I thought. I felt weaker in some ways though, I noticed late nights ran me down more than before, I was a little prone to headaches, and was of course sleeping less as we all do. In a way I felt I was now going to surive but had aged from late thirties to 70's in three months. I never took any drugs or sleeping pills at any stage either btw

      At 9 month stage. I had almost settled into my 'new' lifestyle in fact, found with the right masking noises I got a fair sleep, was not sick too often, was not as scared of my tinnitus as before. I remember thinking well this is the new me, reduced from what I was, but able to live a life again.

      Then the big step occurred, I got audited by my goverments tax department !!! Not very pleasant , especially as I possibly had to make significant back tax payments with interest on my former profitible business, and somehow do this on a part timers salary. I also had to fly urgently to meet my lawyer in his offices and until then I was terrified of the noise and pressure of flying. I was also nervous about sleeping in a strange bed for the first time since I got tinnitus. I had trained myself to get to sleep in my own bed over the last few months and even not used masking noises sometimes. Funnily I was so afraid of the tax office all other matters, including tinnitus became secondary. I knew I had to make this flight and also find a way to pay the money back.I said to my family I have to do this, life has left me no choice but to try and live it now. I got on the plane, survived the trip( with earplugs of course) had tinnitus quite loud for two days but then it went back to normal. Also in hurry I forgot my pillow speaker with masking noises and that first night I was in a dead quiet bedroom at a friends place . This terrified me too but I lay there in the strange bed just listening to the tinnitus crank up higher and higher in the silence of the night and then realised I was relaxedly falling asleep with it . And since then I have slept without masking noises. The next morning it suddenly hit me, though I was not quite the man I used to be, I could possibly, hopefully, with the grace of god claim part of my old life back. I called my family the next day and said to them, I think I can fly again, sleep again and work again. And that is what I did.

      12 month stage, about 2 months after that flight( and 5-6 months after my first post on this thread) I had scored a good international contract, flew to a remote site and have been setting things up since. I also have less trouble with loud noises irritating me. Part of my problem was also mild hyperacusis. Now as I was less afraid of tinnitus since I knew it would go down later, I was able to expose myself to normal sounds and the hyper acusis just seemed to die off a lot. There are a few more things I would like to add. However this website is pissing me off , it never seems to let me type. It gets slower and slower the longer the message and is currently almost crashing my computer. Edit I'll try a few more lines. One more advantange of being here is being remote 3rd world the food is not great and I have lost 20lbs of fat. This has reduced the tinnitus even more, and I also don't feel as weak and headachey anymore. Also getting back into my gym routine helps and enables me to sleep better. I still have some problems with concentration sometimes and it seems my memory has taken a bit of a hit as well. I don't seem to recall things as quickly as I used to. I am not sure if this is anything to do with the tinnitus or more to do with the extreme life changing stress of the last year maybe catching up with me. Either way I am taking it on positively and hoping it will improve. It does not impair my work, it is just something I can notice different from before.

      I'd like to add something else. I still take great care of my hearing but I think a key point is its not from fear, but to do it as an investment. I say to myself "I could probably handle walking past my neighbours lawnmower without earplugs', or "I can take this flight and sit near the window over the engine", But I Choose Not to, and wear earplugs and sit in the in the quietest place JUST as an investment in my ears future. Sounds funny, but it helped with the mental gear change from being scared the tinnitus could take me at any time, to feeling like I was in control of it.

      I know all our cases are different and can't claim what is true for me is true for all, however hopefully this helps someone out there with similar circumstances to mine. I know what the dark place is like, but I have seen how the light can shine again. I pray things work out in some way for everyone here.
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      Thank you for that nice post.
      "I still take great care of my hearing, not from fear, but as an investment."
      This is a great reminder :) I read an article about a girl who had been deaf all her life, then she got some hearing aid and attended to her first concert ever, and it somehow got me thinking about exactly that..

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