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Discussion in 'Support' started by valeri, Jun 18, 2014.

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      Seriously people I don't know if I should lough or cry!!!
      Went to an audiologist today to discuss t management options, asked about TRT, Neuromonics, white noise generators....

      He said that I need to be in the right space of mind (WTF) to do TRT .
      He advised to go found psychologist and do CBT (ok, fair enough), start meditation, exercising, and plunge back to life.

      And only then when I'm better (mind wise) I can consider TRT (WTF again).

      I said: but if get better I won't need TRT!
      Very possible he said!!!

      Can somebody please tell me if I'm missing a point here???
      I thought doing something like TRT is suppose to help you get your life back???!!!

      I just can't believe my luck when it comes to medical profession:)
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      Yeah thats what i thought the whole point was.. He sounds like he smoked a lil too much of something...
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      I can one up that. My audiologist said that his father has had T for years and I just needed to learn to ignore it. He did not offer any help other than hearing aids which I am using but have not proven to work to lower T. I have scheduled an appointment with a hearing center in a larger city to get another opinion.
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      Loud noise
      That's like being told you can have speech therapy, once you can talk ptoperly.
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