My Intro, I Suffer from Pulsatile Tinnitus.

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      Hello everyone, I too have been suffering with tinnitus, in form of PT for nine years. I'm 36 and I have always been in great health with no issues. I had an intense on on set nine years ago, along with common tinnitus, vertigo, and headache. Back then I had a CT scan and MRI without contrast, and the MRI showed I evidently had minor stenosis in anterior cerebral artery, but with good distal filling, so apparently it is not the cause as they believe that is from birth. I went to ear specialists, neurologists and everything has been negative. My symptoms improved so that I could cope in daily life, but a few days ago it came back with avenges, so I went to a urgent clinic yesterday and they did a MRI of the brain and IAC and everything was completely normal. They also looked at me like I am crazy when I told them my symptoms and on my chart it says I cam in with right war pain!! I just found a doctor recommendation on whooshers, so I will contact his office on Monday. Anyway, I'm just so glad that there is support out there, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one suffering as no one around me understands how annoying it is and the nerves of not knowing what causes it and the potential scary things that can. I'm glad I found this forum to be able discuss this with others who live with PT.
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      You are definitely not alone being in TT. Firstly we all have tinnitus so we understand your struggle. But there is also a support forum for PT specifically. You can post your question about PT there. A notable member here @Karen also has PT herself and she may be able to share some experiences with you better than me.
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      I agree with Billie. You are definitely not alone here; we all understand what you're going through. I have pulsatile tinnitus, too, and I certainly know what you mean about doctors not listening or understanding our symptoms. I've had PT for about 5 years now, and have had the same tests you've had, with no answers as yet. I hope the doctor you heard about on Whooshers will be able to help you.

      You can come here any time for support, and I hope you'll post again after you've seen that doctor.

      Good luck and best wishes,

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