My pulse in my head?

Discussion in 'Support' started by derpytia, Jul 12, 2014.

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      Hearing loss / ETD
      I don't think I have pulsatile tinnitus at all, I dont get the constant whoosh in my ears. But lately, I've noticed that since i got the T I've been hearing my heartbeat in my ear on occasion, even when im sitting in a resting state. It's like when sometimes you go to bed at night and have your ear on the pillow and can feel your heartbeat but this time it's when I'm sitting still watching TV and such. Is my T doing something weird again or maybe my T just made my ears more sensitive?

      Or am I just weird/crazy?
    2. Quentino

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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      All people can hear their heartbeat in the ear! It hapen sometimes to me too.

      I think because of your T, you focus on your hearing, and you notice something you probably always had.

      But If it's really noticeable in noisy situation, maybe it's a little problem of blood pressure/circulation, or stress.
    3. clare hart

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      I never hear my heartbeat in my ears. But obviously some do.

      I never consider that I am going nuts if I get new symptoms, either of T or, in my case, fibromyalgia. Our bodies respond individually, but we will usually find someone else who has the same symptom(s). Not only that, but some things just come and go. I hope this clears up for you, but if not, maybe you can find the habituation that we T people look for.

    4. Raindance74

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      About six months after I developed tinnitus, I woke up with a pulsative tone in my bad ear along with vertigo. I went to my ENT who basically said "The human body is a mysterious lil thing, isn't it?" and prescribed me Xanax. Till this day I have no idea what it was, but it went away after about three weeks.
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    5. Jay M

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      My high pitch sound often presents a very slight up and down pulse in sync with my heart rate. Not any of the whooshing pulsating T or descriptions I listened to on whooshers site. I believe its inflammation somewhere.
    6. James7

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      I have the same thing, ever since I got tinnitus I hear a loud pulse in my head whenever I exercise. I never had this before the tinnitus.

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