My Timeline of Tinnitus After Total Thyroidectomy

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    1. wcu92

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      Timeline of events:

      1/13/16 - total thyroidectomy due to multiple nodules all over my thyroid. Some were interfering with swallowing. My whole thyroid was 30% larger than normal. My surgery went well. Some nausea in the recovery room. Doctor said my thyroid had an odd growth coming out of it that had wound around.

      1/14/16 – released from hospital

      1/20/16 – stitches removed. Pathology came back no cancer.

      1/21/16 – started taking generic Synthroid. 125mcg. Had a terrible headache at base of neck all day.

      1/22/16 – took brand name Synthroid of 137mcg that my ENT who performed the surgery gave to me. (He had given me a two week sample)

      1/28/16 – tinnitus started 24/7 unilaterally in my right ear only. High pitched electrical sound plus pulsatile tinnitus.

      2/8/16 – called my ENT about ear ringing. He advised not taking thyroid medicine for a week to see if ringing went away.

      2/15/16 – called back to ENT because ears (now both) still ringing constantly. Advised to start back up on Synthroid and prescribed a round of Prednisone.

      2/17/16 – bloodwork done. Results showed extremely hypothyroid.

      2/19/16 – started taking Synthroid 200mcg daily.

      3/14/16 – saw my Endocrinologist because my ears were driving me crazy. Showed her a blog post where someone in my same situation switched to Armor NDT and the ringing in ears stopped. Asked her to consider putting me on WPThyroid, a NDT with only two inactive ingredients. She started me on the lowest dose of 65mg.

      3/28/16 – asked if I could increase my dose as I was “crashing” every afternoon. Advised to increase by ¼ pill each day.

      4/7/16 – went in for blood work as hair was falling out now.

      4/9/16 – advised to double my dosage of WPThyroid. Now taking 130mg or 2 grains.

      4/29/16 – started taking .5mg of Xanax at night to help with sleeping

      5/10/16 – started taking 3 grains of WPThyroid.

      11/11/16 – MRI of ears and auditory pathways, came back no issues.

      Current Medications:

      WP Thyroid 65mg – 3 per day

      Alprazolam 1mg – ½ pill at night

      (over the counter)

      Vitamin D3 5000IU – 1 per day

      Methyl B-12- 1000micrograms – 2 per day

      Things I have tried to fix this: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, reflexology, yoga, sound therapy, hearing aids, B stress complex, holy basil, curcumin (turmeric), Diamox, lugol’s iodine, magnesium oil, Epsom salt baths, Klaire Labs Ther-Biotic Complete probiotic supplement, Vitamin D3, and Methyl B-12.
    2. Karen

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      Hi, @wcu92,

      I'm glad to hear that your thyroid surgery was successful, and that no cancer was found. However, what a terrible thing to find that you were left with tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus as a result. In my opinion, there is some connection between your thyroid problems, or thyroid meds, and the tinnitus.

      I've heard from other people with thyroid problems that they think there is some connection, too,and I believe it's true. I have tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus, and I also have an underactive thyroid. I've been on Synthroid, or its generic, for over 30 years now. I have had tinnitus for around 28 years, and acquired pulsatile tinnitus 6 years ago,after taking a blood pressure drug. I'm not sure I understand why it happened; it just started suddenly, out of the blue.

      Like you, I've tried a number of therapies, including acupuncture, massage, chiropractic neurology, reiki, yoga, reflexology, sound therapy, a hearing aid, and many supplements, all to no avail. I've also been to a number of doctors and had various tests.

      What has worked best for me has been time, acclimating to the sounds, and staying active. I try to live my life as normally as possible, in spite of the tinnitus. It has taken some time, but things have definitely improved for me.
      I'm hoping things will begin to improve for you, too.

      I'm sure there are others out there with thyroid conditions who will want to comment on their experiences.

      Take care, and don't give up. I believe that things will get better for you!!

      Best wishes,
    3. AUTHOR

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      Hi Karen!

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have pretty much decided that the tinnitus is now permanent. I'm hoping with time that I will habituate to it. I do well during the day when I am at work. Evenings are a challenge. I have learned that if I want to read, it is better to have soft background noise or music playing. I have a fabulous husband and two amazing boys, plus lots of great friends so I have a lot to live for. I go the gym regularly. And, I remind myself that there are a lot of people living with way worse. My participation in groups like this is twofold. One, to see if we can find a fix. Two, to prove to the medical community that there is an epidemic of thyroid patients developing tinnitus. My father is an internal medicine doctor and my experience has him asking questions and digging deeper to help find the link between the two, so that hopefully in the future, we can prevent thyroid patients from developing tinnitus as a side effect.

      Best wishes to you too!


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