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Discussion in 'Support' started by ForTheKnowledge, Jun 19, 2015.

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      I'm new to this site and I just need some advice/help:
      Since I was young I had problems with migraines. They were very severe and could last for several hours. I went to a doctor, they gave me medication, and they generally stopped. I only really got them every once and awhile.
      Now as the years have gone on, every once and awhile I get this sudden sensation in my head. I'll just be sitting still and minding my own business when my head just feels full and there is a low, dull ringing in my ears. This occurrence is happening more and more frequently and I don't know if it has to do with my migraines?
      To be specific:
      >The feeling is very sudden and lasts for a maximum of a minute.
      >I suddenly lose concentration and I can't hear quiet noises sometimes.
      >The back of my head (and slightly the sides of my head) feels full/vibrating.
      >I hear a dull ringing noise right after/during the sensation in my head.
      >Sometimes I feel a sense of nausea.
      >Sometimes I feel really dizzy afterwards.

      Even now I can feel it slightly. This kind of fullness/pressure in my head. I also feel nauseous.
      I've looked this feeling up but couldn't find a specific answer.
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      I suffer debilitating migraines and have done for years. Haven't found any medication that works. There are a lot of doctors now that believe migraine is a type of epilepsy or seizure so these symptoms could very well be from migraine. Migraine can do all kinds of crazy stuff. Some more weird than the ones you just described. So yes it very well could be migraine related.
      But just because you have migraines it doesn't mean every crazy thing you experience is migraine. Never assume. See a doctor and get it checked out otherwise you will worry which only makes things worse. Make sure nothing else is going on.
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    3. Danny Boy

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      Ear infection
      Do you have hyperacusis?
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      This sounds concerning enough that if it were me I would get a neurologist to check me out and make sure there isn't anything serious going on.
    5. Hmmm sounds very, very similar to what happened to my daughter last year a couple times. She also suffers from migraines.Of course my GP didn't have a clue. I agree, you should seek out a Neurologist and one that is very good.

      I have chronic atypical migraine " apparently" and lord knows I get all kinds of weird symptoms.
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      barotrauma? stress?
      Fleeting T, head pressure/fullness/vibration, headache, dizziness, nausea every once in a while.. that all sounds like Menier's disease to me.
      I agree with the others, get yourself checked by a neurologist.
      On the bright side, you don't have constant T like everybody else here.
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      mid seventies
      I had migraines from age 14 to 39. BAD ones. Suicidal skull crackers. Demoral, Vistoral, Stadol, Torodol, Wigraine, Imitrex, etc... It's a wonder I didn't die from drugs. Anyway, I've had lots and lots of bizarre sounds and sensations through the years. I had a few cat scans and MRI's. As you know, migraines are a vascular problem. I cleaned up my act at age 39 and got healthy and most of that stuff disappeared. I'm 56 and feel better than I ever did. I feel for you. This is a great place to learn about coping with T.

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