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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Noa Fernandez, Feb 10, 2016.

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      Dear people

      You can call me Noa, i live in The Netherlands and i'm a girl who is 19 years young. At this moment i'm very scared and i hope someone can give me some good words.

      In decembre i suddenly had the urge to itch my ear, it got so worse that i did it in my sleep. I woke up with fluid and sometimes even blood. I always though well it can go away eventually. But no, it got worse. In January (i think 6 january) i went to the doctor, i had a middle ear infection. He gave me antibiotics (sofradex, ear drups) and the itchiness went away. I used it for 9 days (Eventhough the disclaimer said 7 days max. but my dr. said it was okay). On day 9 i started to hear the T. it sounds like the wind or a vacuum cleaner. I went back and he told me that it will go away on its own. (I also had a hole in my eardrum, which has healed fast)

      Last weekend i went to the hospital because i couldnt handle the sound anymore, the dr. told me that my eardrum was irritated and had fluid behind it. It will go away eventually. Time is the medicine.

      Now almost 3 weeks later it did not go away and im having extreme panic attacks and I am so scared that it will not go away. Can somebody please help me because im losing my mind.

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      Welcome to the forum. Please try to calm down. If your tinnitus is caused by a medical issue, then when the medical issue is taken care off, your T has a high chance of fading or will no longer be an issue. The problem is that you are highly anxious about your T and you are counting the weeks. Such approach will add too much stress and anxiety/panic to your mental state and it will aggravate T to appear louder and scarier. Try your best to stay calm. I know it is easier said than done. If you need it, perhaps get some natural supplements to calm the nerve, or get your doctor to prescribe some meds for temporary usage. Extreme panic attacks can make T appear worse. I know it because I had been a victim of anxiety and panic disorder for decades and when my ultra high pitch T hit me, then followed by severe hyperacusis, the combined sufferings of all these put together just seemed too much to bear. I thought my good life was gone forever.

      But today I live a normal and absolutely enjoyable life. Some members have their T faded or disappeared. But even when T didn't fade, people habituate to T after some time and write their success stories. So don't panic one way or another. T is not an end game. You will have a different perception of T even if it stays. Give it time. Don't believe that? Just read the success stories and you will know it is true for many members. So try not to panic and stay calm. If you need masking suggestions, here are some options. Take care & God bless.

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      Thank you for your kind words. This week has been good, i did not have any panic atacks and slept very well. The T is still here, but i only notice it when i go to sleep. I have high hopes that it will fade away, i have a doctor apointment next week. Me left ear still feels different than my right ear, i can not explain the feeling. But i have high hopes, because i do not have any other stuff to complain about like hearing loss. nothing changed really.

      Time is just the best medicine. But its really hard, i just started a new job today and thats good because i have a lot of distractions and then i barely notice the T. Just pray for me that it will go away! <3<3
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      Hi @Noa Fernandez

      Good luck with it going away, I really hope it does.

      But stay positive, even if it doesn't, you'll continue to cope better with it and it probably won't bother you at all after some time. It's good that you have distractions now, they are very important for new tinnitus sufferers so keep that up!

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