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      Hello everyone let me introduce myself I have tinnitus for nearly 3 years which was life changing for me I turned to the British Tinnitus Association who give great support and have helped me get my life back on track. I have had the best and worse of times and emotionally I have gone from crying to anger I have White noise hearing aids which help enormously when I read some of the stories on the BTA web site they can be sad to heart breaking I cannot believe that in this day and age a condition like Tinnitus there is no cure for & yet in other areas of medicine they are making big strides to other ailments but as yet tinnitus remains a medical mystery.
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      many neurological conditions are still mystery... we don't understand too much about brain...

      welcome to forum
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      @Davycrocket welcome David! :)

      You're right when you say that it's incredible that in XXI centrury we haven't found a cure yet.

      (y) Positive reason: the ears and the brain are so complicated that the actual scientific knowledge is not able to understand them completely

      :cyclops: Neutral reason: the number of scientists, researchers and politicians affected by tinnitus is still not enough

      :blackeye: Negative reason: when the companies which produce hearing aids will empty their warehouses, we will have the cure
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      Acoustic trauma
      I think messed up activity in the brain is very hard to deal with. The available treatments is an issue as well. Either a medication, that will affect the whole brain in the same way, or surgery which means you slash brain tissue. These approaches are limited. (Nice use of emoticons, by the way.)
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      Ear infection
      Firstly, welcome David, to this awesome group, who will support you! I couldn't believe there wasn't a cure, when I went to my doctor, it was emotionally distort. Anyway, it doesn't remain a medical mystery and we are so close to actual drug treatments, Autifony, trobalt etc...It will be treated soon and we will all hear silence once more. Anyway, glad to have you here!
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      Welcome David. You have found a forum which will provide you with great support.
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      barotrauma? stress?
      Suicidally hard it is. I'm all in for the brain slashing. If we could get a HIFU clinical trial going that would be neat IMO. I doubt that meds are the answer. Not in the long run, anyway. My dad used to pop plenty of pills due to his dysfunctional kidneys in the end he got an aneurism. Side effect of all the meds.. now he's bedridden, as good as dead, sleeps most of the time and can't do sh*t anymore. Soon to be free.

      Prior to T I wondered how he might feel. Now I am kind of in the same boat. This isn't life anymore but hell. And I am young! Too young to die but too damaged to call it alive.

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