New Scientist: Train Your Brain for Better Hearing

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Sound Wave, Jul 16, 2015.

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      Probably headphones
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      Interesting. I've read somewhere else (sorry don't have source at the moment) that professional musicians always had better speech understanding in noise scores than their non-musically trained counterparts, despite having more advanced hearing loss.
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      Decrease of Hearing i presume.
      Ear is only the brain microphone.
      This is why people with hearing aids have to habituate : to train their brain again!
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    4. Dawn Whinetaker

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      I've heard that as well, and I find it to be very true. Lip-reading in particularly seems to be a skill that many musically talented people can pick up on. I'm not sure why that is, exactly- but it's a trait I've noticed with many of my friends who play in bands. I, on the other hand, am not very musically talented- and I have a lot of trouble reading lips. It's a skill I'm still trying to learn.

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