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      I really don't have any idea when it started. But it has become more and more noticeable the last several years, getting louder. I have just gotten hearing aids, with tinnitus control. Which after 2 sessions, works for the first 20 seconds or so, then it comes back. Now I'm googling to find out more. Did not know of the different types. TM spent a lot of words saying nothing but buy me, then I ran into this site, with rhe answer don't buy. So here I am to find out what to do next
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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma

      Unfortunately the 'buy me' reviews of tinnitus miracle are all sales people after their 75% commission, it falsely claims it will cure you as there isn't a cure - yet.

      There's a lot of information on here from people who've tried all sorts of different things, have a look at the opinions. There isn't just one answer unfortunately. The best thing you can do is try out styles of treatment to find out which ones you best respond to - there are generally easy, inexpensive ways to do this for most things. Have you been to your doctor about the tinnitus and received any advice?

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