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      Hello friends,

      I've recently got tinnitus on my left year probably due to extensive earplugs use, unfortunately I live in a really noisy apartment, and quite old, and I'm quite sensitive to the racket that people normally due, it annoys me like hell. Unfortunately I was not aware extensive earplug use could induce tinnitus... I've even went to the an ear doctor here in Portugal and I told him that I used a lot of earplugs and he probably didn't even know the repercussions that this would lead me to the incompetent I don't know that these guys study in med school really! This is my 2nd tinnitus as I already had it in my right ear, but really low about 500hz I only notice it when I go to bed whereas this new one is a constant 10khz sinewave.

      Honestly I've considered suicide a few times because I don't see any treatments whatsoever for this disease there is no awareness whatsoever for it, no one (except we the suffers) give a darn about it and I simply don't see any sign of accurate treatments or cure... We live in a modern world where there isn't a cure for something as ridiculous as this. Probably a billion people [or half a billion] ( I might be exaggerating but I don't think so) suffer from this condition but research is really non-existent and every year people kill themselves because of this, we as a species are utterly ridiculous. Globally it is spent all sorts of money on Alzheimer and Cancer (about 70% of all the funds for research in the world), which is great! don't get me wrong, but because this is not a "life threatening condition" everyone just says "live with it". Screw them! It may not be life threatening but today it's literally driving me insane! It doesn't kill but probably affects more people than cancer and Alzheimer put together! I'm studying to be an audio engineer and I'm afraid of how much it may affect me as a future professional, luckily I only have it in one ear yet, but it's such a loud piercing sound "piiiiiiiiiii" that it cuts trough everything, music, white noise, silence, everything!!!!!!

      As I said I'm studying to be an audio engineer so this was a huge setback not only to my daily life but to my professional activities as well as it affects me deeply...
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      not sure
      Welcome @Vasckin. I have high pitch T too. In fact mine is very high pitch, like the dentist drill with 10 times the pitch. A few years back this alien and hurtful t sensation turned me into a mess. I also had severe hyperacusis, which turned all normal sounds too loud. NOrmal noises became piercingly hurtful. I never thought I could ever live with this alien T sound. But never say never. Today I have the same high pitch T but my brain is hardened to the ringing and won't give a dime. I hope you will give it enought time for your body to get more used to this sound. Try your best to be positive. Try read up the success stories to learn some insight. T is not an end game. You will get better. Believe it. God bless. I list the link to my success story as it contains many helpful points and strategies to help my situation.
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      Hold on man! new to this things too.
      and not losing my hopes.

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