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Discussion in 'Support' started by click, Dec 30, 2012.

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      I recently found that potatoes and tomatoes (nightshade family) give my T a little spike. Hadn't realised this before because they're such common foods but I went for a week without eating any and then ate some home made leek and potato soup... this is when I wondered.. and having tested it since I know that they do spike it. Although the spike is only slight - perhaps, for me, eating potatoes and tomatoes is a bad idea.

      I switched to sweet potatoes about 5 days ago and they don't have the same effect.

      Then yesterday cayenne pepper (a lot of it) in home made spicy sweet potato soup made my T go through the roof - I actually threw the cayenne in the bin afterwards.

      I knew before that tea, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, citric acid and acetic acid all affect the volume of my T.

      I'm finding that I really can control my T by controlling my diet. Before I could only work out what made it go absolutely crazy but now I can see which foods are just making it a 'little louder' (almost like they are feeding the T). Stress still doesn't make any difference to it but certain foods really do.
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      I know this is an old post but it was the only one I saw that mentioned nightshades. I guess I have recently identified them as spiking me. I am upset because I love and live on those foods! Citric acid absolutely gets me too. In fact I can't even take anything citrusy like lemon bioflavanoids which are supposed to be so great at treating tinnitus especially from Meniere's. They spike me through the roof! So now I am off to figure out if the other things you mentioned set me off (tea, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, and acetic acid all). I just feel like if I can put my finger on the things that do it, maybe I can get away from this hell, ya know?
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      I have confirmed as well that my T is hugely influenced by foods. I do suspect that there is a leaky gut issue compounded with a genetic sensitivity to salicylates. My mother who has a very high tolerance for pain, gets horrible stomach aches with high salicylate foods. I do miss spicy Indian food!

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