Noises in Your Head, or Maybe Not

Discussion in 'Support' started by Cor, Aug 29, 2014.

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      So lately ive started to notice a new sound that seemed to be mostly in my left ear. It is a very irregular noise. And it mostly started in the morning, but usually disappeared later in the day. I thought it was a new tinnitus noise.

      Can you believe this though. The sound is coming from my laptop. It isnt always there, and when it's there it's irregular and very high pitched. I havent opened my laptop yet what this is, but it's definitely from my laptop, the left side :)

      Might be my second harddisk. Hopefully not something on the motherboard.
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      Nice. Problem solved. Now I just need to find that dang laptop that follows me around all day long.
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      Loud noise
      since having tinnitus (about 3 months) i often think ma new noise has started, albeit briefly. Here's a few things i can think of, my bluetooth speaker, my mum and dads boiler, my tv and my fish tank.
      Untill i got tinnitus i never realized how often tv programmes and adverts use high pitch background sound effects. It's hard to explain but for instance i was watching storage wars the other day and what i thought was a new noise started. i paused the tv to hear it properly, it went, problem solved.
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