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      Hi Everyone,

      So, since the end of May, I have been going through some weird "things". It all started at work one day when I got of the telephone at work (landline, not cell phone), and I started getting intermittent pain in my ear. Within 5 minutes it was constant and ended up at urgent care. The PA looked in my ear, said I had an ear infection. That night (4 hours or so later) I had several popping sounds (which hurt a little) in an hour time frame -- I would say there was probably about 10-15 popping sounds or so. I pulled out the cotton ball in my ear and there was blood on it with a little wax or something (no pus or drainage). Figured my ear drum ruptured--followed up with GP a week later (soonest I could get in) and said it did rupture but started healing already. Followed up a week later with an ENT -- rupture healed, audiogram was within normal limits with a slight difference in the affected ear -- but still normal. I had a tympanogram and my affected ear was flatline -- no pressure. ENT wasn't sure why. So between my GP and ENT visit -- I had noticed a slight increase in my tinnitus (I've had it for a while really mild) -- left ear is higher pitched, right affected ear was lower pitch. Also, I noticed that certain sounds were louder, like rustling bags, running water, refrigerator running, meat cooking on stove, and silverware/dishes clanking. I brought this up to the ENT -- didn't think it was an issue, said something about my brain doing weird things because of my ears. I also have constant fullness/pressure in my ears which changes in its intensity, sometime is more noticeable. If I open my mouth wide my ears feel tight. ENT said ETD -- but I'm not sure. I had a CT Scan of sinuses done - nothing much to see except a little pocket of something in one maxillary sinus and one ethmoid sinus. But not enough to cause the sinus issues I'm having and I have no congestion or runny nose. ENT said it could be allergies causing it. Tried Flonase etc, but didn't help. Followed up with GP -- also said ETD. I also have crackling in my ears when I swallow -- most of the time I can't pop my ears (I do so very gently) when I try I just get pressure feeling in my ears and a little discomfort. Also, there is now normal pressure in right eardrum now. Have also been having on and off mucus in back of the throat that is thick. Ugh.

      Okay. Now it seems to have worsened and I lost over 20 pounds in the last 45 days. My voice sounds loud in my ear, if my husband or kids talk loud, I get this sort of echo in my ears in sync with their voice. Almost like a ringing. When they stop talking, the echoing goes away. I also have pressure in my nasal and eyes area and back of head. ( I may have some anxiety going on -- I seem to have lots of butterflies in my stomach. especially when I wake up in the morning. I am sleeping well however) The tinnitus fluctuates -- sometimes it can be loud -- but most of the time not noticeable unless in a quiet room.

      Now I've been googling like a frickin nut and there so many things it could be I guess. PET, could be ETD maybe, cochlear hydrops. My hearing is really distorted -- we went to the mall yesterday and I felt like an alien. Some sounds were louder and masked the other sounds -- if that makes any sense. Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms and can provide an insight? I'm at a loss and my ENT really didn't seem to care. My husband says it is all in my head and it's just anxiety. Just at a loss and don't know where to go from here. Thank you for reading : )

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