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      If you receive notification emails (for example "New reply to your conversation") from Tinnitus Talk, do not reply to the email. It's only meant as an automatic notification to let you know that you have a new private conversation message on

      If you reply to the notification email, the reply won't reach the intended target - the one who messaged you in the first place - but instead it reaches Tinnitus Talk's email inbox.

      So after getting these sort of notification emails, just head to, log in, check your inbox and write your reply there.

      **for the technically oriented: has a catchall email set up. The automatic notifications originate from robot@tin..., and so if someone replies to it, the email goes to the main Tinnitus Talk inbox. I'm thinking of stopping using catchall, which would mean that in the future if someone accidentally replies to the notification email, they'll only get the standard email couldn't be delivered message.
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      I vote for that! ;)
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      Fixed. robot@ doesn't receive emails anymore.

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